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An upper GI endoscopy will show any damage from acid reflux. You could still have reflux but not damage. I had 5 upper GI endoscopies over 7 years and none of them showed any reflux. I then had a 24 hour ambulatory pH test which showed severe reflux. My score was 28 and over 20 is severe. My experience is the pH test is important to identify reflux.

Both GI doctors that I went to did not see my reflux as a problem. I then went to the local hospital's Heart Burn Center and they have been great. Is there a Heart Burn Center in your area?

I can understand your confusion over the U.S. health care system. It is confusing to me also. Good luck with your reflux.
It is my understanding that an upper endoscopy will show damage from reflux but you could have reflux with pain and no damage. Some GI doctors assume that if there is no reflux damage then the reflux is not too bad. My GI doctor said that I did not need the pH test but at the Heart Burn Center in a different city the pH test showed that I had severe reflux.

The hospital may require a referral from a doctor to do the pH test. The hospital will also want to know how you are going to pay for the pH test. Your GI doctor may be able to do the pH test. Good luck, I know that it is frustrating.

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