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Thank you solofelix and Tandem Rider for the prompt reply, I really appreciate it!!

So the upper GI endoscope shows that everything is normal, and I am still waiting for the result of H.Pylori in the mail. So if my endoscope is normal, it means that there's is also no hiatal hernia, right? Another thing is, when the doctor showed me the result, he only showed me 9 pictures of lower esophagus and the stomach. With upper GI endoscope, do they also closely examine the throat? I called back and they said that they did, it's just not shown in pictures. Again, everything is found normal, but I feel constant pain and burning feeling in my throat and palate all day long. It's surprising that there's no damage whatsoever. Since the gastro doctor said it's normal, am I good without a laryngoendoscopy? Does upper GI endoscope clear whatever larngyoscope examines?

Last question is... I am in the midprocess of requesting the 24H pH test... but the GI doctor is getting back to me pretty slowly. Can I call the hospital and just request for one???

Thanks so much once again!!!!
If you read all of these posts, you will go crazy and probably be able to associate atleast 1/2 of the symptoms to each person. I basically have the same symptoms you have. I had the endoscope, barium x-ray, ultra sound and blood tests. All negative. The 24 hr ph test is very good but not conclusive either. If you can get the new bravo version then that's the best one because they can place the probes at the lower and upper sphincters to measure exactly how much acid may be traveling back up. The other test is uncomfortable. I ended up going to an ENT who put a little camera in my nose and down to my vocal chords. The ends were red which she said indicated acid was coming up but a word of caution. I know a retired ENT who told me that could be caused by 100 different things. I would have to say for me personally, I don't believe the doctors really can diagnose beyond reasonable doubt why we were fine one day and then not the next and can't seem to fix the problem. I've been on Nexium 2 x day now for almost one month and really not seeing a difference. Be thankful your endoscope was negative. Be pro active but don't becone neurotic either. It's easy to do. Hope you feel better!

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