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[QUOTE=pdubs44;4856412]Hey. I am 37 years old and for about 3 or 4 weeks now I have been haveing stomach issues. I know this is the GERD area and I was once diagnosed with GERD and even had fundoplication like 10 years ago. But I have not until recently had any stomach issues again. Scared to DEATH.

Seems like I am always bloated and stomach gurgles a lot, indigestion at least once a day, feels like something is trapped in my esophagus all the time like I need to belch but nothing comes out. Always have acid and or food coming up in back of my throat, burning sensations in the stomach, weight loss, not real gassy but feel like I need to belch all the time, it's so odd. Full after a just a small amount of food.

Went to ER with chest pain the other day and they said it was from gastro stuff but did not evaluate beyond that. They were just more concenred with the heart I guess and after 12 hours let me go. Said blood work and all that was fine so guessing I am not anemic or anything. No vomiting or dark stools unless I take pepto.

To also be known is I have been in crazy anxiety the last few months with panic attacks and such almost daily. They say the that it doesn't cause ulcers or gastritis but who knows, there is so much out there that says one r the other.

I was on 1600 milligrams of Motrin a day for a few months but stopped weeks ago, even before this started so I don't know if I can blame that.

All I know is I am a mess and convinced I am dying...[/QUOTE]

Chances are it's just acid reflux, because I have the same symptoms and I have acid reflux. ;)

I've also had the wrap done.

Anyone who tells you anxiety doesn't cause digestion problems is wrong and you need to see someone else.

My doctor is convinced that a lot of my problems are a vicious circle. Anxiety causes me to produce too much acid, I produce too much acid so I get anxious. :(

You need some tests as soon as possible to put your mind at rest as much as anything and you probably need some PPIs.

Do you smoke, or drink alcohol? How's your diet? Do you know what triggers the problems?

I've also thought I'm going to die. I've had the tests and I'm on medication, and I'm having cognitive behavioural therapy for the anxiety. I don't think I'm going to die, well not yet anyway. :jester:

Hang on in there, things will get better. :wave::wave::wave:

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