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For the past few years i have suffered from morning nausea which would some times lead to vomiting and also a constant feeling of a lump in my throat as if you got a tic tac or something stuck there.

The first indicator of the problem came when before a basketball game one morning i threw up ever since then i would throw up before basketball on saturdays and would be nauseaus in the morning however i could manage it untill saturdays. I also found that when i began getting close to my now ex-girlfriend, i would begin to get a rapid heart beat until i would end up vomiting to relieve the situation and then i could properly be around her.
I ended up having an endoscopy that revealed inflammation of my esophagus and was put on Pariet for it, i found this largely dealt with morning nausea and was able to get me playing sports without throwing up prior, however it didn't eradicate the lump throat feeling (which would get worse when i thought about it) and i would still get nervous and vomit from it when ever meeting up with my ex girlfriend.

After i ended up moving to Uni (i stopped the acid reflux drug) and didnt have a problem my first semester Uni and i drank alot, (and i mean alot) and the hangovers were nothing compared to what i used to go through in the morning.

However now i've started to get similiar feelings for a girl again and my increased heart beat and nausea followed by vomiting have come back! i noticed when she was gone for a week and i was taking my meds i would feel fine and be able to develop an appetite something i have struggled to do and attributes to why im so skinny. But as soon as i get in her presence again the everthing comes back and i ended up throwing up i was fine around her to begin with and even am fine around girls that are much more attractive.

However it's only been in those two situation thats ive been unable to control not throwing up, i wonder if they have became a trigger for anxiety. More stressful things like my HSC and i was perfectly fine its confusing me, perhaps the stress of still having my V's at 18 is while im always getting nervous around certain girls? As i cannot bring myself to get too intimate with girls out of fear or my nausea and throwing up.

But I really don't know what it is, is it the acid reflux disease (the thing is i never get heartburn) or is it Anxiety or a combination of the two?! anybody help would be MUCH appreciated... i can't live like this anymore its controlling my life.

p.s not sure if this will help at all but i also produce alot salivia and mucus and have a deviated septum in my nose, which means i cant really breathe out of one side and inturn only breathe out of my mouth for most part, just curious as ive considered sinus infections.

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