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I feel so low!
Oct 13, 2011
I just cannot get any control over this wretched reflux. All the docs can do is prescribe PPIs. It's always the same. I take them for a few days and at first they work, then gradually the effect wears off. The trouble is the docs don't seem to believe me.

I do get better control from ranitidine, but need to take high doses. The docs are reluctant to let me take what I need to, to control the reflux.

The doc seems to think it's anxiety causing my reflux and has referred me for counselling. The trouble is if I don't have symptoms I feel fine! I get upset because I feel ill from the reflux. I've never suffered from anxiety before I got reflux. Hello!

I asked the doc about being referred for another scope or to an ENT doc, but she said I didn't need to. She said they would just look at me and prescribe PPIs, so might as well just take the PPIs. The trouble is THEY DON'T WORK.

What am I to do? I feel really low, really upset.

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