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My New Regimen
Oct 15, 2011
Well, its been over a year since my "reflux attack that sent me to the ER", and in my never-ending attempt to fix things, I may have hit on one of the most important that has helped me. This is my last shot before I see a GI. I have already done the ENT route btw.

First off, here is my med schedule that I just started, meaning I have increased things....that will most assuredly be short-term.

1g Calcium Carbonate after morning low-acid coffee. Along with whole wheat toast.
40mg Nexium before lunch and another before dinner.
150 mg Zantac at night.
2g Calcium Carbonate at bed time.

Sleep with upper chest elevated. Cant use bricks on bed so, I do the best I can.

Brush teeth with baking soda toothpaste and use tongue scrapper after each meal. Then gargle with baking soda mixed with water.

The meds will be reduced very soon, as I am giving things one last chance.

The most recent change and probably the most difficult has been with the way I eat. I have always been the type to eat infrequently, but then consume mass quantities when its time to eat. I also had a habit of eating fast.

I have really tried to slow down and chew more, but the "quantity" part has been difficult. I have this habit of eating something, and then it triggers something in me to keep eating different things until I feel kinda stuffed.

Well, I just motivated myself to change that considering if it fails, then its on to the "next step". So, what I do now is just take a few mouth fulls and then wait a minute. If I feel my stomach already filling up, I cover the bowl or plate and put it in the fridge. You have no idea how difficult it is to do this after years of eating a certain way..

The funny thing is that if I do this I not only have not been getting "silent reflux", but I feel better too. Its a terrible feeling to have a full stomach, and it makes me tired. ...and come to think of it, the day that my life changed for the worst and had my reflux attack, was a day that I was so bloated from overeating that I could barely move. ...and believe me, it was not WHAT I was eating, it was the quantity.

Is it possible that this change in habit will be my deliverance? Well I can only hope.

Notes: I recently purchased a few Ginger Powder containers and put that stuff on any qualifying meal, up to a gram per day or so. Its anti-inflamatory plus helps my stomach. I also take Mastic Gum pills between meals, and digestive enzymes with meals.

Btw, I am not recommending this course of action for others, I am just getting this off my chest. Although I do think that some of you, like me need to look at our eating habits and may discover that we cant eat like teenagers anymore.

I will update my progress in a few weeks. If this does not solve the problem then its time for a GI appointment. Thx for reading.

Symptoms since AR attack: Hoarse voice, weak voice, something stuck in throat feeling, weird burning back pain. ENT diagnosed me with AR after using camera wire device.

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