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[QUOTE=twin17;4958608]Leveque...I just read all of your posts about the pain in your left shoulder blade as you eat or drink...for the last few days, this same exact thing is happening to me. It happens AS I am drinking, not it is going down is when the pain is is weird, and I can only explain the feeling as maybe a hole and the liquid is seeping out and hitting an area that normally food or drink don't touch???? I know that sounds weird, but that's how I describe it. It doesn't matter if it is hot or cold liquids (and yes...solid food too) happens every time I am taking even the smallest sip. I do not have any gas, indigestion, stomach ache or acid reflux....just the stabbing pain in my left shoulder blade in my back.
I know you posted these posts last year...but did you ever find out what it was? By the way... I don't have my gall bladder anymore...that was removed over 10years ago.
From reading a lot of sites, what seems to be meNtioned a lot is acute pancreatitis..was that ever mentioned to you by any of the dr's you went to?
There is a blood test to see if there are certain elevations that can test for that.
Please if you ever found out what the problem is, please reply to me.l.thank you!!![/QUOTE]

Dear Twin hello,

I wanted to write you asap as as I can undersatnd what you are exactly feeling :(( Mine is still not found and really have made me crazy .
i went to many doctors. mine started last June and it will be a yera 2 months later. It started with drinking at first and was n m chest for just a short while as far as I remeber but then my back . i did so many things. First I had my lung x ray , it was ok. Then had the Mr of my back and neck . There it was found 2 herniated disc in my neck . But the doctors could not find the reason why it hurts with swallowing and suggested me to see the GI. Then I went to the GI and the doctor said it could be acid reflux. Butthose times I had some additional symptoms like as the food was stucking in my chest and burping etc... But when the GI doctor told me taht there could nothing be serious at my age I thin I felt comfortable and the additional symptoms went away. But he still could not find it. He was shocked , could not say anything. He suggested to do endoscopy but did not force me to do it. Then I went to another GO who offered me a barium swallow, it was ok. Then I went to the norogolist , he aslso could not say anything but touched my back a I mean the pint where it hurts and said there is fibromyalgia but still could not connect it to swallowing. that is it my dear. You ahve described so good, it is really like there is a hole there and the food or drink is going out and hurting my back It si so so weird and really put me in depression . Maybe I should have the endoscopy done butthe second GI said me that he did not think he would find sth in the endoscopy which made me run away from the process whic I am really afraid of.

that is all I can tell you my dear.

Ifyou find anythingpls write me to.

Do you feel that also when you burp or swallow your saliva! I did not have the problem while swallowing my saliva but now I feel it even when I swallow it.
I really mossed to eat and drink like normal people and am really jeaolus of them.

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