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I know how you feel. My symptoms started two weeks ago. I had severe chest pain (went to ER twice), constant need to burp, back pain, shortness of breath etc. I haven't been officially diagnosed, I'm still waiting for the scope, however, my doctor seems certain it's esophagitis caused by acid reflux. I've had EKG, ultrasound and x-ray, all came back normal.

I'm taking Protonix and was also given a nitro spray as my esophagus will spasm. I've also lost weight which I can't really afford to do as I am small to begin with. The Protonix seems to have started working, so my symptoms are less severe, but still there.

Since this started I have been feeling anxious and depressed because it seemed to take over my life so quickly. I was always focusing on my symptoms and probably making them worse. Have you tried Gaviscon?, I take four tablets when I get an attack and it seems to alleviate the symptoms somewhat. I also find eating 6-7 smaller meals a day helps.

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