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I understand just what you are going thru. I too have tried so very many PPI"S...prilosec, prevacid, dexilant, nexium you name it...the last was nexium after four days had to come off of it side effects and abd pain were worse than the gerd back on prilosec..and pepcid Otc FOR THE BREAKTHRU HEARTBURN. Have not tried the it liquid or tablets... and can it be combined with the PPI' case is had a endo in July...found the same as three years earlier...gastritis, hiatal hernia, and Gerd...but I have panic/anxiety disorder also and this disease makes it like a dog chasing its tail..the symptoms set off the anxiety and the thoughts of is this gerd or am I having a heart attack. I too have lost 35lbs and find everything sets off my stomache...even yogurt can you believe that! Have not investiageated the gastroepsis thing don't know exactly what it is...but hang in and these boards help so we know that we are not exactly going nuts....Janet
So sorry to hear about all your problems with GERD. I sure hope that I can find something to help mine. I have had the endoscopes twice...they say the same thing...gastritits, hiatal hernia, and GERD...last time he- GI Dr says it is just a nervous stomache...oh well, it still hurts the same...and the PPI's so far have had little to not much success.....As I have said, I have tried Protonix, nexium, dexilant, and now back to Prilosec...what a mess. My thoughts and prayers are with you.;)

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