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Hi crystal mommy! I'm so happy you replied to this post along with baffled. Girl trust me I've been so depressed over this too! I always feel the same as you as far as waking up to knowing you will have to face another day of struggling with the hassle of eating because of ongoing throat issues.

I always have the lump in throat feeling along with the muscle ache in the throat that feels like when you cry a lot. But it mostly never goes away. I would say about 85-90 percent of the time I have that feeling. I also sometimes have a dry throat feeling, even when I drink water it still feel dry in my throat, especially down further by my adams apple.

For me it's also the feeling in the throat, but also when I swallow I can feel the food moving down too slow. Like really sluggish in my upper throat. so along with the throat feeling and the sluggish movement of my food, it definitely makes me feel like not eating! I originally thought I was having problems with my esophagus because of the reflux, but when the GI doc confirmed I had no strictures, the slow movement of food kept happening anyway, and I realized it had more to do with my upper throat.

but may I add, I almost NEVER had the LUMP feeling in my throat before I had my endoscopy. After my endoscopy (which is probably not related but thats the time frame it happened) my reflux GOT WORSE not to mention most of the PPI's I was taking wasn't really helping. The reflux started burning my throat really bad. And then I started having the throat feeling, it was to the point that my throat was bothering me so badly that I was always on nerve & very uncomfortable. I started a new PPI and the throat feeling has seemed to get better and doesnt bother me as badly as it was, its at least tolerable now. But before my endoscopy I was able to eat soft grinded food. since I got these throat problems now, I tried to eat some soft grinded food and it bothered my throat too much not to mention I could still feel the food moving slowly down my throat. pretty much any food with texture and SOLIDS are out of the question.

Also I've been having a lot of mucus in my throat that i'm sure isnt helping the throat or swallowing, I think post nasal drip. do you have this problem? also I notice that when I drink liquids, especially water, I have to belch after every sip. and sometimes it feels like air gets stuck in my throat.

I have been blending oatmeal in the morning with milk and drinking it like a shake for breakfast, drinking 2 ensures for the extra calories and vitamins, and eating creamed soups diluting mashed potatoes with it. thats been the basis of my diet. along with drinking lots of water. I'm getting about 1300 calories a day. It's a pretty good amount considering the circumstances but I may try to up it another 200 calories to make 1500 some how just so I feel confident that I'm getting enough nutrition. Sometimes I think I'm not getting enough nutrition from eating this way, but I remind myself that in certain situations (i.e. jaw surgery, dental surgery, etc) people are forced to eat a liquid or blender diet for a few months and as long as there is enough calories- it is okay. I sure as hope, and pray to God, that this is not a permanent situation!

I really hope we can get to the bottom of this. I'm seeing an ENT next week about my swallowing issues & I hope that they will be a good doctor & run the tests I need. I'm also scared of the barium swallow like you, only because I know its a really thick consistancy and I heard it makes you feel sick. It seems that a lot of people who suffer with this don't seem to get any solutions. And it makes me MAD that these doctors think its all in our heads. why would we put ourselves through this agony if it wasn't true. Luckily I'm on my sweethearts health insurance and he has very good insurance so I'm going to see all the doctors I need to see, or even get second opinions if I have to so I can get better.

No one should have to go on like this with so reason or diagnosis. because maybe if they could figure out what was wrong they could start on treatment.

I was also thinking that maybe we suffer from motility issues, where the muscles in our throats arent working the way they should to push down the food. There is medication I hear to help stimulate the food to move down quicker, and in worst case scenario surgery. Did they do a motility test (Manometry) test on you?

I hope we can all get to the bottom of this once again. I know how you feel about being depressed. It has consumed my life. I'm only 27 years old and my problems started almost around the same time as you, mine started August 28th! so its been two months of this agony. I haven't ate solid food in two months and I havent been able to eat dinner with my family. I know I'm driving my mom and my boyfriend crazy with my constant worrying and complaining. But they know I'm going through a hard time.

you and I are so close in age, and our problems happened around the same time, and we suffer the same.

Do you have anyone like family who is being supportive of you while going through this? Are you spiritual at all? I am, and I have been praying EVERY DAY to God for a solution to all of this. Sometimes I'm even crying when I pray. I just want my life back to normal and eat like a normal person. Before this happened, I never thought about swallowing my food, it just happened naturally like it should. Never had any throat issues. I hope God can pull through for us. Take care hun, and remember you aren't alone. I'm glad you replied-- it made me feel better.

if anything I always look back at this thread to see if anyone has replied, so we can keep checking this thread for our replies.

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