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ok it seems like every year i get the same symptoms - and i have been diagnosed with costochondritis and gerd earlier. now it seems the symptoms of both come on at the same time. chest pain like stabbing feeling, sternum soreness, heartburn like pain, and now feel like a lump in my throat and like i could throw up some mornings. docs don't know. last year i took a prescription strength anti-inflammatory for a month and it seemed to get better after i tried prevacid for a week with no relief.

anyone ever had these symptoms? the doc has requested no gerd test although i had it years ago and he said mild acid reflex. does it never go away? i read some places that say it can heal in 8 weeks.

i am probably 15 pounds overweight and need to exercise. and of course with halloween been eating awful.

i also have allergies which could be the lump in throat feeling and a lady at work says her drainage makes her feel like throwing up some mornings. geez who knows????
It sounds to me like you have acid reflux. Cut out the rubbish from your diet and eat smaller meals, is my advice. I cannot have alcohol, chocolate, salad, fatty foods, acidic fruits, fizzy drinks and I eat small meals.

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