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I've suffered with severe reflux for the past year and have constantly been looking for some type of relief or resolve. I had an endoscopy a few months ago which shown erosion of my stomach and esophagus lining and acid reflux.
My symptoms include :

Burning Stomach Pain
Feeling Sick ( mainly at night )
Breathing difficulties
Excessive saliva in mouth and bad taste
Throat and Chest Pain

Having taken antibiotics for a while before my acid reflux/ Gerd problem started and having life long constipation problems I always thought bacterial overgrowth could be a problem I was suffering from.
I was taking probiotics for a while that helped very slightly but didn't help enough for me to consider them some sort of resolve or treatment.

The last two or three months I have cut out Carbs completely apart from Potatoes which I eat early on in the day with a salad and make sure I never eat after 8:30pm. My symptoms improved greatly. The stomach burning was cut down by 70-80% and the night sickness/ breathing problems improved also.

My gastro has never tested my acid levels but when I was taking omeprazole they seemed to only worsen my symptoms and for the past few years I've also suffered from vitamin b12 deficiency. From what I understand vitamin B12 is absorbed by stomach acid so if my acid levels were low this could also somewhat explain the b12 problem also.

I really think this could be causing problems for some people.

As for a resolve well I'm still working on that but cutting out Carbs has helped my symptoms an awful lot so if you haven't given anything like this a try and have any reflux problems give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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