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I am still having these symptoms, but here is an update:

My PCP had me do an Echo Stress test to rule out any heart issues. I did the test and my results were normal.

The best way that I can describe the burning discomfort that I am experiencing, is that it feels like a lactic acid burn in my jaw, upper chest, upper stomach and shoulders. I experience these symptoms when I walk fast, workout or exert myself. They harder or faster I move or workout the worse these symptoms become. I also feel the need to burp when these burning symptoms are present. They burping becomse work the more I exert myself. I also have a gnawing feeling in my upper stomach.

My PCP put me on Dexilant and I also requested that she prescribe Carafate. I used Carafate about 5 years ago when I had stomach issues and it seemed to work well. These drugs have helped some but they have not eliminated my symptoms. I also took a blood test for H Pylori and it was negative.

I tend to have good and bad days. Some days my symptoms are very mild and other days if really bothers me.

My PCP suggested that I see a GI doctor and I am waiting on my appointment. It seem that every GI doc in my area is book up for 4 weeks.

She also thinks that I should see a Pulmonologist but I don't think that it is necessary since I don't have any breathing problems.

I personally believe that I either have an ulser, irritated stomach or acid refulx. My guess is that I have irritated my throat and stomach and my discomfort is becomes more pronounced when I exert myself.

Any other thoughts?

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