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I know how you feel. I posted under LPR/Acid Reflux - Who Knows back in September or so and see over 1,000 people read my story but only a few replied. Not sure what that tells me, I have my ideas.

Anyway, I do know how you feel. As I write this, it feels like I have something stuck in my throat, I get what I call volcano type pressures in my sternum area whre your LES is from what I'm told. Sometimes I belch and other times it will subside. Some days are better than others. My diet is pretty good so really doesnt matter what I eat or drink. Been on Nexium for 3 mos now with no real change. Maybe less belching but has done nothing for my throat. Had a barium swallow, endoscope, flouroscopy, ultra sound and blood work. All they can come up with is a possible motility issue with my esophagus. I share the findings with other doctors I knwo fromt he health club I belong to and they just shake their heads. One retired internist told me gas goes one of two ways and I am just gassy. A retired ENT told me their could be 100 reasons why I have phlegm build up in my throat. All the blood work came back normal. No allergies.

All the posts you read, they all start to sound the same. I think a lot of people, including myself, came on here thinking they would find a cure because someone else had a better doctor or better testing and the realit is, we have all had the same tests and the same diagnosis. I just don;t think the doctors really have a way of knowing beyond a reasonable doubt.

I heard a new term just yesterday, Cricopharyngeal Muscle Spasm? This is just another on a long list of possibilities that seem to have some of the same symptoms of all the other possibilities.

I wish I had some better information for you or a tip on how to get rid if it. I keep thinking I will click on someones post and see something promising.


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