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I am an 18 year old male with no medical insurance that has been experiencing chest pressure and a heart rate that is consistently high no matter what I am doing.. when this started I habitually smoked.. I was also drinking alcohol maybe 2-3 times a week.(I have stopped all 3 immediately upon the appearance of the symptoms)
This all started roughly in the first week of October one night I experienced what I thought was a heart palpitation.. this lead to me having a panic attack.. the next day this happened again at roughly the same time but I didn't have a panic attack just anxiety.. I tried to go to sleep just so I could wake up and feel "normal" again.. (this is when I lost my appetite all together except really late at night) the next morning I awoke with a strange chest tightness/pressure and bloating of my abdomen that alarmed me.. my anxiety level increased greatly and I went to the ER that day they immediately took an EKG of my heart but said nothing was wrong and gave me some Ativan for the anxiety.. they also prescribed me some omeprazole 40mg.. but I never got the prescription..they also said my blood results came back normal as well.. the chest tightness/abdominal bloating/rapid heart rate/hard heart beats remained and so did my anxiety..and panic attacks..

I ended up going to the ER again and told them my symptoms I was given 2 EKG's and a chest X-Ray.. the doctor kept asking me if I had ever done methamphetamines, cocaine, and other stimulants almost as if they didn't believe me when I told him I hadn't. They said it was probably my stomach and gave me a thick clear numbing liquid, prevacid, and a maalox looking liquid.. they also scheduled me for a follow up appointment at a clinic... before my appointment came about I went to the ER a third time and told the doctor the same thing.. had an EKG, chest X-Ray, and an CT scan of my brain. He said it was GERD and prescribed me omeprazole 20mg.
I went to my appointment and the doctor just asked me some questions and and told me to start taking omeprazole 20mg for about a month and if the symptoms persist to come back.
I bought Equate OTC omeprazole magnesium 20.6 mg I started taking it as soon as I bought it which was at 7 pm so everyday I started taking it at 7pm.

My anxiety got a lot better even though the symptoms continued.. and about 2 weeks or so of having no appetite except really late at night my appetite slowly came back.. about 4 weeks or so into taking the omeprazole I was reading about PPI and the potential risks they pose seeings how they dont treat the root problem but only a side effect acid reflux, a side effect i wasn't having even though I have had a little trouble with it in the past I also read about how they change the PH level of the gut and how I would have trouble absorbing certain nutrients.. I searched online for some more natural treatments and stumbled upon use of Melatonin for GERD and found that it had a higher success rate than PPI's (omeprazole and other drugs in that family)

I stopped taking the omeprazole and immediately started taking 6mg of melatonin at night.. the next morning I awoke feeling better already even though my symptoms weren't completely gone (rapid heart rate, heavy heart beat) I continued to take it until I started feeling normal again which was about a week into using it.. I was so happy I had found something that actually worked. It was short lived though.. about a week and a half of feeling normal ended when the chest pressure returned and heart burn started.. which I wasnt having symptoms of before.. I continued to take the melatonin for another week or so but nothing changed.. was online reading a forum somebody with GERD who had started taking melatonin 3mg a night for 8 months had developed an autoimmune disorder from taking the melatonin.. after reading this I stopped taking the melatonin. The next morning I started taking the omeprazole again the heartburn went away but thats the only thing that did.

I used one of those machines they have in pharmacies that takes your blood pressure and heart rate.. its said my heart rate was 104 bpm and my blood pressure was pretty low.. later that day I started getting the odd sensation in my left arm that kinda felt as if it the circulation was off a bit.. I went to the ER again EKG again, chest X-ray, and blood work but they said it was clear they tried to give me ativan again but I told them I wasn't having anxiety/panic attack. They discharged me as unknown cause and told me to follow up and get an echocardiogram.. but without making me an appointment to see anyone cause I have no medical insurance.

Later that night I woke up and my both of my big toes are partially numb at the tips and on the side facing my other foot.. my heart rate is still constantly fast around 100+ bpm when I am standing really no matter what I do even when I'm not thinking about it.. I KNOW it isn't anxiety or a panic attack. I did some reading on this thing called the Vagus Nerve (google it) the GERD.. but I really don't know.. and the partial numbness in my big toes is pretty odd. This has been making my life really hard since I'm constantly stressed out about my health that I can't forget about because it's a constant discomfort.
Here are the blood results from my most recent ER visit:

RDW: 11.5
Plt Count: 288
Lymph %: 17.1
Mono %: 4.8
Eos %: 0.2
Baso %: 0.3
Gran Rel Value: 77.6
Absolute Lymphs (auto): 0.9 L
Absolute Monos (auto): 0.3
Absolute Eos (auto): 0.0
Absolute Basos (auto): 0.0
Absolute Granulocytes: 4.2
PT: 13.9
INR: 1.1
PTT: 27.5
Sodium: 144
Potassium: 4.0
Chloride: 102
Carbon Dioxide: 27
Anion Gap: 19
BUN: 11
Creatinine: 0.8
Estimated GFR: >60
BUN/Creatinine Ratio: 13
Fasting Glucose: 99
Serum Osmolality: 277
Calcium: 9.7
Creatine Kinase: 38
Troponin I: 0.00

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