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I just joined this site today. My name is Lisa and I just turned 40. I have 2 children - a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.

The first time I ever experienced heartburn was about half way through my first pregnancy. The instant it hit I knew exactly what it was. When my first child was born the reflux went away. At the beginning of my second pregnancy was when the heartburn returned, but never really went away after. For the past 2 years it has gotten progressively worse. I take Zantac 150 twice a day, every day, plus Gaviscon for the breakthrough reflux, but often nothing I take helps at all. Over the past few months I've also started vomiting. It seems like it's just stomach acid - clear and kind of frothy - and it's almost always during the night. Once I vomit I feel immediately better. I'm having terrible upper back pain which I can only describe as a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades that also feels like there's something stuck in my esophagus [U]but I'm FEELING it through my back[/U]. Does that make sense? I also have pain in my jaw and ears, especially the right side. I contributed the pain to grinding my teeth at night, but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone else suffer these weird pains with their reflux?

My doctor just prescribed me omeprazole, but I can't start taking it yet because I also have an h-pylori breath test this week. I guess she wants to see if I have developed an ulcer.

Do my symptoms make any sense at all? I don't want to just be prescribed pills and sent on my way. If I tip my head down toward my stomach I can literally feel the stomach contents coming down my throat. Sometimes it really burns, sometimes not so much. That's not normal, is it?

Thanks in advance.

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