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Hiya :)
I just want to apoligise in advance if this post is really longgggg!! :p
Well ever since I can remember I have always had a problem with bringing food back up when I burped or belched (which I seem to do a lot!! Especially in the evening) I also got upper stomach which I would put down to hunger or whatever. I would wake up with a sore throat nearly every morning, have a strange acidic taste in my mouth most of the time. I also have a fluttery tummy kind off like butterflies (very strange sensation). I have never really given much thought to these symptoms.

Well recently about 6 weeks ago I got a flu bug.... Felt terrible for a few days and then it went. Whilst I had this I looked at the back of my throat and noticed these red 'spots' and that my throat looked red raw. The very back of my tongue was a bit discoloured (a greenish yellow colour). It felt like there was something stuck in my throat a kind of strangled feeling. This still hadn't gone last week so I went to the doctor who told me it was nothing!!! Just that the spots are enlarged taste buds :S and the colour was due to not drinking enough water! ( I am complete coca-cola addict I literally drink just cola. Maybe a glass or 2 of water a day. Since drinking more water my tongue colour is getting better)

I have notice this week that I seem to bringing more food/ acid back up. But as well as that I have been getting chest pains kind of like a stitch on the left side. Very occasionally get a Sharp pain on the right. The centre of my chest feels achy.My ribs have been hurting and I have been getting upper back ache between the shoulder blades. I have had a bit of a cough but I have had that pretty much since my cold. I have had a lot more phlegm in my throat (normally clear as long I haven't brought anything up). I havent been eating that much just to try and stop this but even then I still bring acid up. I feel fine but then get these "attacks" where this happen and it can last between an hour to to the whole day. It always seems to happen late afternoon onwards!!
It's driving me mad!! I just seem to be waiting for something to happen. It's affecting my mood my work (especially if I'm having an attack :P) it just seems to be getting worse. I can't get a doctors appoint for 2 WEEKS!!!
Do you think it could be GERD?? If so if you have any advice on how to stop some of the symptoms or relieve them a bit until I go to the doctors I would really appreciate it!!!

Also I'm 20, I smoke (I should stop I know) I drink A LOT of coke, I have a really varied diet but its not to bad. Otherwise healthy lol.

Thanks soooooo much for reading and thank you for any comments. I really will be gratefull for any advice.

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