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Possible LPR??
Nov 30, 2011
Ok so sorry for the long posts guys but I cannot seem to get any answers from my doctors so here it goes:) I am a 26 year old male, weigh 155 lbs and stand at 5'11. No known health problems. About 7 months ago I noticed when I got worked up that I would get almost like a "knot" or "lump" at the bottom of my throat. Then it started to happen more frequently. Like with ANY type of physical exercise. My throat and upper chest would seem to "tighten" as well. Fast forward 3 months and I'm suddenly short of breathe. Like CRAZY short of breathe. Walking a single flight of stair had me winded like I was 80. Then as I sit on my apartment balcony I feel a if I'm not getting enough oxygen. I said enough was enough. Called my sister and had her take me to the ED. My heart rate was 165bpm resting and I'm confused by the time I get there. So the ED immidiately rushs me back to be examined.

The on duty doctor was afraid of pulmonary embolism due to my high heart rate. As soon as I got back there they tested my O2 saturation which was 99%. They did an EKG and full blood work up panel, including thyroid, which all came back normal except slightly low potassium. BP was slightly elevated at 140/84. My usual is 110/68. Next came both a chest Xray and CT with contrast of the chest. Both came back completely negative. Basically I was told It MIGHT of been Asthma but who knows. I had no wheezing just SOB. Well anyways with no answers in hand I was sent home. Albeight I did feel better.

Fast forward 2 weeks I go to the recommended follow up doctor as I was still feeling not right and SOB. I get there, he examines me, looks at my prior test results, checks my O2 saturation which was 100% and sends me home with a prescription for Paxil. He said I have a panic disorder, he thinks, as he can find nothing wrong. I was angry as I feel like the damn Paxil was thrown at me. It was a bit degrading.

So here I am currently, only this time after searching like a hypocondraic I may have found an answer. Here are my symptoms.

1) "lump in throat feeling" below the Adams Apple and right above the coller bone. It feels almost swollen in that area yet not visible during examination. Also when I press around that area it is tender.

2) Sudden development of "post nasal drip" with sinus pain in head and face. Yet I have NO stuffy nose which I find odd.

3) Persistent and sometimes severe shortness of breath. No wheezing. Only once in a while a little "whistle" during inhaling coming from my throat. The shortness of breath DOES NOT wake me up MOST OF THE TIME during the night. I sleep like a rock. However I have woken up twice feeling like I was being choked and gasping for air. Also it seems to be BETTER IN THE MORNING and get much worse as the day progresses:( The best way I can describe it is when taking a deep breathe it feels as if a "valve" is not opening all the way in my upper chest lower throat. Or like something is lodged in there.

4)Vertigo and SEVERE panic attacks. Also throat constriction like someone is choking me. This also happens when I drink something cold which is weird? Like my throat closes up.

5) I ALWAYS have phlegm in my throat. Only not so much in my upper throat but like its "stuck" below my adams apple. It sucks.

6) and finally like a "tickle" or and/or "burning" in my throat and upper chest. Like a tickle that comes close to making me cough yet it doesn't. But I feel like I must make myself cough to "scratch the itch".

7) I wake up with a slightly sore irritated upper throat as well that gets better as the day progresses.

8) I DO NOT have a cough. However, when I make myself cough IT HURTS. It hurts mostly in lower throat upper chest area.

9) constant tightness in lower throat upper chest.

10) Feeling of food not going all the way down when swallowing. Or food going down "too slow".

If anyone reads this and is experienced with LPR PLEASE let me know if you had these symptoms. Mainly the SOB I am concerned about. Also I welcome any opinions. I suspect this is LPR but do not have a diagnosis so I would liek to know if this is all typical of LPR. Sorry again for the long rant and THANK YOU:)

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