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Ok I am 26 years old. I am 6 foot 155 lbs. with no known health problems. Here are my symptoms. Symptoms that have duped several doctors and causing me to have a very low quality of life. All the while being told my "anxiety" is cauisng it and to take Paxil. How degrading.

1)Throat and upper chest tightness. This used to happen only when I started to exercise but now it's that way all day.

2)Globus or something "stuck" in throat below adams apple and directly above collar bone.

3)Shortness of breathe. Sometimes SEVERE. No wheezing besides a small whistle coming from my throat sometimes. When the SOB happens the best way I can desribe it is like a "valve" or "flap" in my lower throat/upper chest area is not opening all the way. It's weird. This is usually painful as well. Typically when this happens I panic and hyperventilate. Sometimes I'm short of breathe all day and go through this viscious cycle alllll daaayyyy llloooooonnngg. Which leads me to...

4) Fatigue. Probably from panic and hyperventilation:(

5) Lower throat upper chest "tickle" and/or "burning". Sometimes this happens all day and sometimes 5 minutes. The tickle makes me feel as if the only way to scratch it is to cough. So I do. However I don't have a daily persistent cough. I always make myself cough.

6)Phlegm in throa that is usually impossible to clear. However this phlegm is not in my upper throat only seemingly "stuck" around my voice box. It just sits there. However I did have a doctor examine my throat with just a regular light and he said he saw "sheets of sticky phlegm sitting at bottom of throat". So there is really phlegm there.

7) Throat clearing

8) "Post nasal drip". This is an irritating and weird one. Because I get constant sinus headaches and/or swelling coupled with PNS. However I NEVER have a "stuffy nose" and I can always breathe freely through my nose.

9) Also if I squeeze my lower throat is is tender and sometimes sore. I also wake up with a somewhat tender sore throat.

Well thats all I can think of. Also my SYMPTOMS ARE

A) Best in the morning when I first wake up and get progressively worse throughout the day.

B) Seem worse when standing or sitting and slightly better when lying down.

THANK YOU for anyone providing me with some answers. I would like to hear from those who have LPR and if this is something similiar to what they experienced.

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