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For about a week now, I've been feeling downright awful a lot of the time, and it only feels like it's getting worse.

About two months ago I had a terrible bout of nausea while on the bus to school. I very rarely felt even a little nauseous up until that point, so it was a real alarming experience. For the next two months, I would occasionally have stomach/gas troubles about once a week. On a few occasions, I would get on the bus to school and feel so awful that I would give up on going to class. I'd get off at an early stop, sit around until I felt better, and take the bus back home. This has affected my grades!

Over the past week I've been feeling this stomach unrest every single day and it's starting to really wear on me. I have anxiety, which I know probably has some role in this. I had my first panic attack in June of 2010 and I thought I was dying of a heart attack. Since then I have dealt with panic attacks, agoraphobia, general nervousness, and random and alarming chest pains. I've mostly overcome these - for the moment, at least. It's been a while since I've felt agoraphobic or had a full-blown panic meltdown.

These are my symptoms.

1. I feel like there's something trying to come up out of me. I don't feel it in the stomach, but further up. I have yet to actually vomit, though it feels like I'm about to sometimes. Sometimes it feels like the muscles in my stomach are tighter than usual, but that's the only symptom I really feel down in my stomach area.

2. Each episode is accompanied by worry, anxiety, and a general feeling of unpleasantness. As time goes on and I experience this more and more often, the anxiety is harder to shake off because I fret over whether there's something seriously wrong with me.

3. I keep experiencing these "half-burps". They start out like a normal burp and I can feel them coming up for a split-second, but then they just sort of vanish somewhere in my chest area. This is usually followed by a shudder of anxiety. It's not painful nor does it burn, but it worries me. Sometimes I can actually pull off a real burp, and once in a while I burp up some acid - but rather rarely, maybe once per event.

4. I often feel like there's something - gas or liquid or who knows what - somewhere between my chest and my throat. I keep swallowing automatically like there's something in my mouth, though there isn't.

5. If I'm in a moving vehicle when the unpleasantness strikes me, I get motion sick and nauseous extremely easily.

6. It doesn't seem to follow a pattern. Sometimes I get it right after eating, sometimes I get it when I haven't eaten for 8+ hours. It tends to happen in some form every single morning. I used to eat right before bed, but I've been pushing my "eating deadline" for each night further back, and it hasn't helped all that much.

This is really worrying me and I hope someone can shed even a little bit of light on this. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry if the message is a little too long!

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