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As we do with LPR, we are constnatly asking Why? - What? When? Where? Who?

Why has it got worse, or why did we get it?
What has changed to make it worse?
When did it start? When did it get worse?
Who will listen to us. Who will take us seriously?
Where do we go for help?

I've had a million thoguhts like most of you as to the cause. Dairy free? Gluten? Stress? Drugs? Lifestyle? Sickness?

I wondered about TMJ or jaw clenching and if that has any affect of making LPR worse.

When I had an emotional collapse 10 years ago, I began to clench my teeth. When this gave me TMJ and I was made aware of it, instead of clenching I began pushing my tongue tip onto my palate, everywhere or anywhere, and that started the tooth pain. I now know I do this, so have a new 'action' - I clench my jaw, which of course tightens right down to my throat. It's often not until the headache starts that I realise I'm doing it. I'm trying to be aware of it as it has become a very bad habit.

I get mild ear pain, at times, but no idea if from clenching or LPR.

I'd be interested to know how many others with LPR also suffer from TMJ or clenching?

Together we maybe can change the suffering and hopeless frustration we all feel at times.

I believe I have LPR and TMJ. It all started with a bacteria (H Pylori) in my stomach which caused crazy symptoms. They eradicated it, and thankfully it never returned. However, I have had bouts since with LPR, and now, I know I have TMJ. I am at a loss. Not sure what to do or how to heal. I don't feel like I am teeth clencher. I will see my dentist soon to find out.
I too have both.

I've been a bruxer for years, but didn't develop the TMJD symptoms until after my Nissen Fundoplication. My orthodontist who is treating my TMJD feels strongly that the TMJD was probably triggered when they inserted the breathing tube during surgery.

I haven't heard of a direct connection, but I do know that both can be prime symptoms of sleep disorders. I was actively seeing my pulmonologist (LPR triggered my asthma something fierce) when I found my current orthodontist. Both have training in treating sleep disorders and both recommended a sleep study.

I ended up finding with a new nighttime splint that was designed to help with both my TMJD and allowed me to breathe better at night. It was a godsend.

Improper breathing and stress are also both possible connections.

My tmj orthodontist is all about whole body health. He calls himself a holistic dentist. He has had many discussions with me about my diet, nutrition, posture, and other environmental factors that impact whole body health.

Ear pain for me was directly related to TMJD. My tmj discs had slipped forward which ended up pushing my jaw back a bit towards my ear. The jaw and ear are only mm apart.

You might be interested in a book I found last year. The [I]TMJ Healing Plan [/I]by Cynthia Peterson. Lots of good information on tmj and lots of things you can do pretty easily to help with headaches, neck pain and jaw disorders. The book is very informative and pretty inexpensive. It might be worth a try.
Thanks for the details of the book, and I will definitely look into it.

I have a lot of teeth problems, and I know my clenching causes a lot of issues. I am forever telling myself relax. The other thing I do is in trying to avoid clenching, I push my onto a tooth, or on the palate just behind it, voila - next thing pain.

I often think I'd like them all pulled out until I think of actually having that done! lol

I just would like pain free teeth. I also get mini earaches and I am pretty sure that also is from TMJ, so I do exercsies which really do seem to help.

Stress hey - causes so many issues.

Good luck


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