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Only me,

Lovely to have you here garlicgal. I come and go depending on my mood. When I feel anxious I am best to avoid the issue and get on with life. I also do a lot of researching but once again if I feel it is causing me to become feel focused on reflux I stop for a while, as that's not healthy for me.

Went to the Dr this morning, and she feels there is one story but with 2 parts. She still feels the reflux is the baddie in all this, but wonders if it because I'm worried about my throat, and the anxiety is causing more acid to be made in my stomach in turn making the reflux worse.

She acknowledged that losec doesn't work for me, and wants me to take another drug as a trial for 4 - 6 weeks. I'm sure she saw the look on my face that said, 'not another nasty drug', and I saw the look on her face in return lol. I have to go back in 3 - 4 weeks to have a mole and a csyt removed, and she would check then and see how it's going. Then I could be referred to an ENT. I asked why don't we just do that now as this has been going on since July and it's affecting my job, and it's time to find out. She also noted with my occupation (tutor), that people who teach or sing often get nodules on their vocal cords and that was a possibility. So an ENT can at least perhaps find some answers. They can't always tell you what it is, but they can often tell you what it isn't.

I feel it's time to take that next step and as long as they don't find anything sinister I'm all good. I'll be glad when it's over though. The Dr did say she wasn't sitting there thinking there was something sinister going on, so that was reassuring.

Interesting garlicgal you also get the dry mouth - that certainly gets worse for me after tutoring. It also will kick in after a lot of dairy products. Also you clench your jaw and teeth, and I bet your also wonder it its all tied in.

I did say to my Dr that I rarely get a decent night's sleep, and how much does that play in the scheme of things. She's doing a whole raft of blood tests as apparently there are a couple of conditions that can cause dry mouth, so she is listening.

She looked in my mouth and checked it out fully and never said a word, and I stupidly meant to ask her if it still looked red and inflamed, as I wanted to know if the active manuka honey has made a difference. Don't you kick yourself when you forget something that simple. In the meantime I have to phone the specialist in the middle of next week and hope I'll be able to have it done pretty soon.

Take care

I repeat myself often - so no worries there at all.

It seems you and I are similar in a lot of ways. It is all a balancing act isn't it between researching to help ourselves, but not falling into the obsessive trap and becoming too self focused.

It is summer here, but it's rained so much sitting in the sun has not been much of an option. Australia is having similar weather issues, and is the worst summer I can remember.

I've only had the digestive issues since an emotional collapse back in late 2001. Like you, I also know for a fact that my LPR is worse when I am under stress. The last few years there's been a lot of that with some family crisis moments, and my trying to hold everyone together. I need to look at my belief system and learn to become a bit selfish at times. I'm not good at putting myself first. Maybe I just need to toughen up lol.

Vit D is not an issue for me as mine was 65 which fits in the okay range. But lack of decent sleep is, and I wonder if it's more around sleeping issues, and for those with a low Vit D supplements helps them sleep. You're so right when you talk about the Catch 22, how do you stop yourself losing sleep worrying about losing sleep! :)

I did a couple of acupuncture sessions before Christmas, but didn't find this time they helped a lot, and the cost mounts up. But you've remidned me to go back to Reiki/healing as that is a wonderful relaxing experience. She also is not costly. Meditation is a wonderful thing to do, and like you I believe our mind is the most poweerful tool in our bodies. It can make us sick, so why can't it also heal us.

Exercise is great and I need to get back into that regularly again as well. Did go swimming yesterday which was wonderful, and I know when my back was really bad a few years ago I found swimming an immense help. I'd swim through the pain and it slowly improved.

Will have to google melatonin - I certainly eat a lot of lettuce at the moment being summer time here, and also a lot of fish. I do think diet plays a big part in LPR effects as well, and I've been trying to work out what helps. But then you get days when you eat all the wrong foods and not a difference. So I look back at anxiety levels, and ask myself if that is really my problem. When I'm happy and busy I don't even think about LPR. Although the severe dry mouth always reminds me.

Is it the Vit D in some people that causes lack of sleep. Is it stress in others? Is it bladder frequency causing lack of sleep for others - (yes that's me). Is it from jaw/teeth clenching that means our sleep is not relaxing (me again). Over active minds (oops me again lol)

All interesting - and if only we had a magic wand!


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