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Hey, first post for me here! I have GERD and was looking for some ideas as to what sorts of foods I should stick with and how to lessen the cough related to it.. I have had the cough today and it's driving me insane. This morning, I felt like I had choked on saliva or something when I first woke up lol. Sat up in bed and then cough started up (usually it starts up after feeling nausea when I first sit up).

First should explain my symptoms.. I often feel nausea in the morning when I first sit up. I get this thick white (somewhat clear) acid type stuff coming up when I feel the nausea that I spit out. I put some ice on my tongue to stop the nausea. After the nausea feeling stops, I get this cough.. Cough that stays all day. It annoys the hell out of me and it doesn't go away for much of the day. :dizzy: In the past, I used to take tussin DM then I realized that it really did not help. Since then I slowly realized it is probably acid reflux.. I tried some antacid and it would slowly lower the cough.

Then I did couple things.. I started sleeping with my bed raised about 10 degrees and also stopped eating and drinking ~3 hours before going to bed at night. It seemed to help significantly in the nausea department. I stopped feeling nausea in the mornings and the cough slowly went away. I am also a late-sleeper but I have been going to bed a bit earlier for past few months.

1) Unfortunately, I am slowly back into the habit of drinking prune juice before going to bed since I have constipation issues. I keep trying to get out of this habit of eating/drinking late but it's just this stupid habit that is difficult to get out of.. How are you supposed to get out of these habits?? Arghh!!

2) Also, I have this acidic-tasting saliva that is kinda thick when I bring it up. Is this also a symptom of acid reflux? It makes my breath smell kinda gross too. As soon as I brush my teeth, my breath starts smelling like sour (idk, acidic? can't think of right word) within a hour.

3) I often get heartburns. I thought it was heart issues so they did an echocardiogram. My heart was normal with the echocardiogram with slightly elevated heart-rate. I understand heartburns are a symptom of GERD too. How often do you get heartburns? Do you often get them in same location or different areas everytime?

4) My gastrologist told me to take prevacid daily for 2 weeks and then alternate days before slowly getting off it. I took it daily for 1 week and now I am alternating days. Is prevacid safe to take when I have the reflux cough? I just took it today when I had this cough.

5) I only went to the gastrologist for the first time last week. He prescribed me prevacid and then told me that they can do a quick endoscopy if I wanted. I have never done an endoscopy so how does it feel? Is it painful or odd at all?? What would they find anyways? They already know I have GERD; how would endoscopy help? Any other tests I should get done?

I also get gas few times a week. I don't know if gas is related to GERD/acid reflux but thought I should point that out too. I also am about 15 pounds underweight; I don't eat enough to put up more weight - ~1300-1500 calories per day (so damn picky and not much appetite! lol). Thanks!!

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