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GERD symptoms?
Jan 16, 2012
Hey guys,

I've been having what I consider to be GERD-like symptoms, but I was just wondering whether anyone has experienced any similar symptoms to me.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid about six months ago, and since around that time, I have had GERD (according to my doctor) on and off. My main symptoms originally were burping, especially in the morning, and occasional chest pain after a meal. My doctor subsequently prescribed me with Nexium (one 20mg tablet per day) about six months ago, but after about two weeks on this dosage initially (around six months ago), my symptoms subsided so I stopped taking them.

About one month ago, I started having some coughing/swallowing difficulties. Basically, if I went to cough, even a small cough, I almost threw up each time. I actually did throw up once after a big cough, and that scared the hell out of me, because I had never experienced that kind of symptom before, and I hardly ever throw up. Even though I have had thyroid trouble throughout the past few months, I have never had a problem like this.

After this, I started taking the Nexium again, and after about a week on the 20mg dosage, my swallowing difficulty stabilised again, although I did continue to have some discomfort.

I eventually ran out of Nexium tablets at home, and I didn't immediately fulfil another prescription, and then my symptoms seemed to get even worse. My swallowing difficulty returned (it felt like my esophagus was constricting, as if there were something lodged in the back of my throat), as did my seemingly overactive gag reflex when coughing. I have also developed a fairly hoarse voice, and I am always having to clear my throat, even during sentences because my voice becomes hoarse. I also started having mild jaw pain and chest pain after a meal. But most troublingly, I started experiencing excess saliva in my mouth. I feel as though I am able to swallow the saliva, but it keeps returning into my mouth, and this is making me hesitant to talk for fear of spitting on whoever I am talking to. As a result of these new symptoms, I started taking Nexium again last Friday, but I have experienced no change in my excess saliva problem.

I never considered my GERD symptoms to be that serious, but does my story above indicate someone with GERD problems? Or should I be investigating possible other sources for these problems? I am most concerned about the excessive saliva... is this a GERD symptom? I find it interesting because this is a new symptom for me, whereas in the past my primary GERD symptom was burping (internally and externally), but I hardly ever burp anymore... is this standard for GERD? I am currently booked in for an ENT appointment in two weeks, but is there anything else I could/should be doing?

Thanks in advance for any responses :)

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