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Hey everyone,

i need some help or at least stories of past endoscopy experiences.

Yesterday morning i had a horrifying endoscopy for suspected peptic ulcers after recommendation from a doctor at a local hospital. The procedure was horrendous. I didn't have enough money for anaesthetics like most folks there, so i was given a small tube of topical anesthetic to drink to numb the throat. Despite following their directions to take the medication once i'm the 3rd person in a line of other patients, my numbing medication for the most part wore off by the time it was my turn. The tube was later pushed down my throat. Since i'd never done this before and the technicians were unsympathetic to my fears, i panicked and took out the tube. I continued to scream, gag and cough as the technician struggled to shove the endoscope further down. As my reflexes forced me to swallow the excess saliva produced in this state the gagging worsened along with the technician's temper. All in all it was a struggle, with arms flailing, body twitching, stomach gaging, panicked screaming and the technician's yelling.

To cut to the point, I've been having a ever present and from what it seems , worsening stomach/upper abdominal pains of a different caliber since. The pain before the exam was bad, but this is much worse. I feel as though my stomach is bruised from the inside. The pain is a constant dull ache, as if the upper portion of my stomach connecting to the oesophagus is being twisted and torn. I have trouble lying on my side as my insides feel crushed. I've also been burping quite a bit, which i hear is normal. Is the stomach pain something i should be concerned with?

It is also pointless to go back to the same hospital and ask about this because it is unlikely that the technician who had done the procedure would take any responsibility or interest for that matter.

I'm in quite a bit of pain, i'd really appreciate some of your stories and advice.


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