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[QUOTE=cook53;4918206]I thought I would ask this question due to a problem I am experiencing. I have GERD, Hiatal Hernia and chronic gastritis. I have also been put on a anti depressant for Panic Disorder. Due to the HBP med and this anxiety drug I now have constipation. So I uped the fiber content, eating homemade granola for snacks. Now, I am experiencing back shoulder pain to the point that I cannot sleep on my right side. My GB has already been removed so I am wondering if FIBER is not my friend! I have sleuthed the internet for a diet for the above condition but I guess it is a individual thing in that what one person can tolerate another cannot. Just wondering if any of you have luck with a diet _what to avoid-and what to eat. My GI just gave me Prontonix. Which is 20mg daily. I am thinking it is the granola because it happens about two-three hours after eating it. I really thought I was doing a good thing for my overall health. Guess I will have to rely on adding Miralax to my daily meds...any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. You guys are the best with advice and help. This pain usually last twelve hours once it comes from midafternoon until the early morning hours. I was scoped in July so I really don't think they would do it again. Seems to have started about the time of the granola and cereal (Rice chex and Cherrios) Thanks agaiin. Janet[/QUOTE]

I have acid reflux,Chronic constipation,and IBS for years. I have learned the hard way that poor diet,not enough water intake,and poor bowel habits are the main reason for constipation but medications can cause it as well . If you tend to have constipation anyway and then add medications that just makes the problem worse. You have to be extra vigilant to make sure your bowels move on a regular basis. This is what I have found works the best for me to keep my bowels moving on a regular basis: 64 oz. of water a day or more when you increase your dietary fiber to 25-30 grams a day,taking a fiber supplement at least twice a day like Metamucil or Citrucel , a regular scheduled time to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes to have a bowel movement every day. This usually works best 20-30 minutes after eating a meal because it helps to kick in the peristalsis(colon contractions.) One of the best and easiest methods to have a pain free bowel movement is to do slow deep breathing exercises continuously while sitting the toilet for 30 minutes. Not only does it relax your mind but it helps to relax the rectal and anal muscles which in turn helps you to have a bowel movement without straining and forcing the stool out. I am fifty years old and have had constipation problems all my life an know how painful it is to have to strain and force out stool that is large,hard,and dry. I now know I can't allow myself to go without moving my bowels more than 24-36 hours. If it does go beyond that then I use a glycerin suppository to soften the stool so it won't be so painful to go. The only reason now it goes beyond that 24-36 hours is because I got lazy about my morning routine to take the time to move my bowels. I wish I didn't have to be so mindful of when was the last time I moved my bowels and could go like most people do without much thought and time spent thinking about it all the time. Most people would think I am obsessed with my bowel movements but if you haven't had to deal with this painful condition of being constipated all your life you couldn't possibly understand what it is like. Fortunately I don't have any problems with gluten intolerances so I can eat fiber.

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