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I think I have similar experiences to what you're describing. I have had GERD for years now, and it does give me a funny feeling in my chest. In fact, most of the time my symptoms are not a burning sensation but rather a pressure in my chest from acid buildup. I take prilosec every day, but lately that has been doing absolutely nothing for me. I have been tested for gall stones as well because my symptoms were very similar to a gall bladder problem.

I like to describe the funny feeling I get sometimes as a "sinking" in my chest near my heart. It lasts for only a second, and almost feels like my heart is skipping a beat or beating irregularly. No pain though. And I have no trouble exercising or anything like that. My EKG was normal, but I still get that sinking, or fluttering as you're calling it. And that feeling is always associated with eating for me, or at night it gets worse for whatever reason...I try to let myself digest a few hours before going to bed.

You might have GERD and not know it. I've heard that problems swallowing can also be a symptom. Sometimes I feel like my throat is constricted. I get burning occasionally, but like I said more often it is chest discomfort, which I understand is very scary. I am seeing a GI specialist this week and asking if that sinking feeling is GERD-related because I really think it is. I don't get it unless I've been having bad acid reflux. I hope you find out what the problem is...definitely ask about GERD when you go though. Good luck!

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