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-Yes, the symptoms cause my anxiety but they believe that it is the other way around. I am going to Psychotherapy because of my anxiety because yes, when I am stressed my acid reflux does get worse but about the pain I don't think so. The thing is that I get depressed so I am trying to control that. And I don't know about the IBS, I think that I haven't been checked for that. I wish that they could have at least took blood exams but I feel that the doctor thinks that I'm a hypochondriac or something and I'm not.

-And I did have an ultrasound 8 months ago but they said it was normal, the Endoscopy was over a year ago and they said it was normal just that I had a lot of bile in my stomach and that it was red (they called it like erythomus or something like that.

-I have tried the apple cider vinegar but my stomach couldn't handle it, so I drink the Aloe Vera with apple juice, and I forgot to mention that I eat an apple a day, since apples make an alkaline environment in the stomach and they are said to be natural antacids. Right now I am planning to find a good naturopath, maybe I find an answer there. :)
Belle, I eat red apples and they don't cause me any symptoms. I've notice that green apples do trigger my acid reflux. And for breakfast I eat oatmeal or raisin bran cereal with nonfat milk and my stomach feels good. I rarely eat bananas but I've heard that they are good for GERD. I can drink water and tea with no problem. What I do not drink is coffee and sodas. I love frappuccinos but I know that if I drink it I feel the heartburn so I just drink it once in a while. So far I've had 2 good days this week with no acid reflux but I have been feeling full like if I've eaten a lot even if it has been a little. I had lost my appetite and now I'm feeling hungry. Today the acid reflux came back and the pain in my right side but I try to not think about it. :/

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