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6 years ago I got pain in my upper right quadrant that spread to my shoulder blade and down my side, nausea, heartburn, was positive I had a gall bladder infection. Ultrasound showed no stones. At the same time I was diagnosed with GERD. Since then I've take prilosec every day and it has more or less relieved my symptoms with the occassional flare up.

I get the burning that starts in my stomach and goes up my esophagus and into my chest, the heaviness in my chest and the sensitivity to acidic, spicy, and heavy foods and especially caffeine and alcohol. BUT I also get the pain under my right ribs, like a golf ball is stuck there. I also have a lot of other digestive issues that I don't know if they are related or coincidence. I've always just shrugged it off as a sensitive stomach but I have to wonder.

The past 3-4 weeks my GERD has been unmanageable. Prilosec does nothing, diet and exercise do nothing. The pressure in my chest is awful, and I had some dizzy spells and feel so exhausted. Dr prescribed me to Zantac twice a day, which seemed to help a little but I felt like it was giving me heart palpitations so I stopped and went back to prilosec. I had an ultrasound the other day, everything was normal. But before the test I was dry heaving in the parking lot (I know, gross) because I had fasted for 8 hours before but my stomach just kept producing acid regardless, and it tasted like bile in the back of my throat. Such an awful feeling. Now I've gotten that nauseaus feeling with bile a couple times since the test. Still persistent acid reflux with the awful chest feeling, and dull pain in URQ that radiates to my back. Now I also wake up with sore throats. I did have an EKG and it was normal. I ran twice last week; first time was ok but second time it aggravated my GERD and I was close to throwing up when I stopped. I am a runner and have never had a problem exercising. I watch what I eat and am at a healthy weight. Doctors keep telling me what I already know- eat smaller meals, sleep on an incline, etc. They don't think it's gall bladder especially after ultrasound results.

I have an appt at a GI specialist this week, and I'm wondering if I should demand a HIDA scan- more for my own peace of mind so I can finally know for certain that it is or isn't my gall bladder. Also my blood tests showed low iron saturation and boderline-high cholesterol, which was surprising because I consider myself a healthy eater and I regularly exercise. Not sure if that's related.

Has anyone else had persistent GERD for days on end with no relief? Usually I can control it but it's impossible right now and I'm so frustrated. It's also hard to tell if it really is my GERD or if it could be gall bladder related. I just want to feel normal; I am so frustrated and feel uncomfortable all the time.
Hello Mandy, what you describe sounds so familiar. I am 25 years old and I have GERD and dyspepsia. I've had: Upper Endoscopy, pH Bravo Test, h.Pylori test (all over a year ago) and that is when I was diagnosed with GERD and Dyspepsia and took treatment for the h.Pylori. I also had an ultrasound over 6 months ago (the ultra was to see if I had gallstones and they said that I didn't). Lately I have been having a pain in the upper right side of the stomach, behind the rib (since 6 months ago). I am worried because when I get the pain it comes and goes, but sometimes I just feel something swollen and pain in there when I move. The pain spreads to my right breast and shoulder and sometimes I feel discomfort in the back too, and if I lift my arm I feel something weird (but the pain starts in the middle of the upper stomach then goes to under the right ribcage). I have told my GI but they just ignore it. I took Protonix for over 2 years for the GERD but it just made things worst so I have stopped it since December and I am going through a horrible acid rebound phase which I am treating with Aloe Vera juice and other natural remedies. They don't seem to work yet maybe because my stomach is still crazy because of the protonix, so I also take Zantac whenever I need it which is most of the time or else my esophagus burns and chest hurts as well and I get a horrible sore throat. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I will beg her to help me find out what is going on. I am desperate, this makes me depressed because I feel that I am not getting the proper treatments and I'm afraid that it might be something serious. I hope that you feel better soon.
Mandygirl, I've stopped drinking the aloe vera juice because I don't know if it was causing more acid reflux. I've had 2 good days this week with no acid reflux but the pain in my right side is back and the acid reflux as well. I see that there are good days and bad days and like if my stomach is finally getting used to no more PPI's. If your stomach is sensible right now I wouldn't recommened trying the Apple cider vinegar, when I tried it it made things worst but it has really worked for other people, so if you feel better you can see if it works. And about your dizzy spells, I used to get dizzy when I was drinking the protonix. Now I get dizzy if I get up too fast but I don't know if it's when I'm more anxious. I've been trying to keep my mind busy and have more positive thoughts to help my tummy feel better. About the bloodwork, my doctor seems to think that I don't need them :/. Tomorrow I am having the esophageal motility test at another hospital to see if my LES and esophagus work well. Oh and I read about the IBS symptoms and I don't feel all those symptoms so I doubt that I have that but what bothers me after the Acid reflux and the pain is the horrible indigestion. And I've tried checking if dairy causes me my symptoms but it seems that dairy doesn't make me feel bad, but I have changed the milk, now I drink nonfat milk or 2% although I miss the whole milk. :)
[QUOTE=PrincessLexie;4937374]Thank you Mandy, sorry I hadn't read your last post. Things have been horrible this week but hopefully they will get better. On saturday I saw a naturopath so now it's day 5 taking natural remedies. He said that I can be cured, but that I need to be positive. I feel so depressed and I've lost my appetite and can barely eat because now I'm afraid of swallowing (and I hadn't had any swallowing problems before the exam) and I still feel full all the time. I have lost 4 pounds in one week. I hope that the natural remedies make a difference soon. How are you doing? I hope that things are going better with you. (today is my 26th birthday :))[/QUOTE]

Hi PrincessLexie,

I know it's been a long time but I just checked my posts today and saw I hadn't replied to your last one. Well back in March I had an upper endoscopy done and they said the valve in my esophagus is very weak and doesn't close properly, which leads to my bad acid reflux. He said there's really not much I can do other than what I already do. I had a very good few months after my horrible three months from January-March. So from March on I was feeling so much better but recently I've been having the pain again in my upper right quadrant and bad acid reflux with the chest symptoms. It seems to have gotten a little better the past couple weeks. A few weeks ago I had 2 beers over the course of probably 6 hours and I got sick and was throwing up so I'm wondering if maybe I have some sort of food allergies. Also, whenever I eat something heavy I feel like I'm gasping for breath, so I really have been trying to eat healthier and totally cut out any bad stuff. Hope you're doing better!

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