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First of I'm new here. :wave:
And secondly, I have a feeling this'll be a long post so I apologise in advance. I'm hoping people who suffer with GERD will be able to answer my questions and understand I'm only 15 so I may not seem smart at points in this thread.

1. Acid Reflux / GERD - are they the same thing, just a different name?

2. Can not eating for a long period of time result in acid build-up?

3. Is GERD a condition that once you get it, it doesn't go away? Like, you can control it with medicine and diet but it doesn't stop (just like my IBS)?

4. Does this sound like, to you, I have acid reflux?

Right. In the summer of 2011 my parents were at work and so I had to make sure to feed myself during the day. Being the horrendously lazy child I am, I never did. Some days I would actually go 12+ hours without eating! By the time my parents were home and cooking I'd have headaches, feel light-headed and nauseous and my stomach had completely stopped growling. It was just a strong dull ache. This was when I first experienced uncomfortable pain in my chest (in between the breasts -- the 'sternum')

The pain became unbearable and I found myself with an acidic taste in my mouth and stomach, leaving me unable to eat greasy food or drink fizzy pop. I persuaded my mom to get me a doctors appointment in late 2011 and was told I have acid reflux and given some Omeprazole. After a while, it worked completely. Then I ran out. My dad was diagnosed with gallstones at this point leaving my mom stressed so I never bothered asking for more (didn't want to add more to her plate). Now, I've gotten worse with out it.

It hurts most in the morning or after doing exercise (even running up the stairs leaves me out of breath and in pain), and leaning forward or lying down makes it worse. Would you say this was pretty much my own fault, caused by not eating properly during the 6 week holidays? I eat fine now that I'm back in school but still have the pain.

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