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fanKC - my son rarely complains about the burning sensation of heartburn. When he does, we give him a TUMS and this seems to resolve the pain immediately (thank goodness!!!) Also, today I purchased some baking soda gum for him to try out. It's too early to tell if it's going to do any good for him, but he likes the flavor and such. So, if it does work, this might be another minor aid in the fight against acid reflux. My son's food refurgitation is quite severe, so any help with that is a huge bonus!

As for the endoscopies, my son did really well with those. His throat was a bit sore for a few hours afterward, but that was it. He also did amazingly well with the ph metry testing. (I pray your daughter will never have to get to this point, but if she does, it may not be as scary as it initially seems.)

Jane - I'd also be interested in hearing about what made the final decision for you to have the surgery (assuming it is the Nissen Fundo.). From what I understand, it is not recommended for children as young as my son, but considering how many years he has already suffered from reflux, I am guessing that he'll have to face the surgery decision himself one day. I imagine that's a hard decision to make.

I agree about the prolonged use of PPI's being a concern in regard to dependency. I so fear that issue for my son. Recently, we tried to back off of the Zantac just for a few days, and he had a lot of trouble with that. I also agree about staying on top of nutrient absorbtion. We are having my son's vitamin levels checked soon for that reason. It will be interesting to see where his levels are at after a year of medications.

Also, Jane, I hope you are doing well since your surgery... I've heard it can be hard to recover from. I appreciate all your input on these boards. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to get feedback from others like you who are in the same situation. Best wishes to you and thank you!!!
Willow, gosh, my heart goes out to you!!! I know how hard it is to watch your child be in pain. My son does not have the nausea/vomitting (at least not yet). Has your son always had this side effect from GERD? Does he eat a pretty low fat diet? I keep trying to trim the fat out of my son's diet, and I will say that it has helped some. Sugar really seems to bother him, too, and of course, it's hard to take all sugary things away from a kid. What does your son's GI doc recommend? My son's GI wants to put him on Reglan, but my husband and I refuse to do it because of all the scary stuff that we have read about that. I am working like crazy to find other solutions rather than just more meds. (Great that you have been able to use only minimal meds with your son, by the way! I wish that I had researched earlier on about how addictive they can be!)

It's very intersting what you wrote about the asthsma and GERD. I was just talking to my son's pediatrician today about that. He had prescribed my son an inhaler to use before sports activities, etc., but it has done little for him. I told the pediatrician what Jane's doc had said about "solve the reflux and you'll solve the asthsma". (Thanks again for that story, Jane!) My pediatrician agreed. He said that he could definitely see where the reflux could be causing inflamation as it passes by the lungs. Anyway, we've definitely had to cut back on my son's sports activities.... yet another sad hit in this reflux battle (it's especially hard for my husband to see my son, who used to be the fastest kid we knew, now have to sit down after only a short period of strenuous activity).

Speaking of all this, Jane - have your asthsma problems been reduced since having your surgery? (Hope that you are continuing to feel better with your recovery too!)

Also, fanKC, regarding your last post, I had read somewhere that corn-based products, like corn chips, can be bad for GERD. My son had some corn chips about a month back (before I had read about this) and they definitely did not go over well with his system. Perhaps that might have been what caused the problem for your daughter with the tacos. Has she had any more problems since? Hope that episode was just a "hiccup" like you said!

Thanks again to all of you for your posts!!! Your stories are helping me so much! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Best wishes to everyone!

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