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[QUOTE=icecreamlady;4933850]Stressedtomax. You're going to be ok. Take a deep breath. I don't think what you have is fatal and I definitely think you are making your symptoms worse with the stress. I have GERD and a hiatel hernia and only a few of your symptoms sound like it. Have you ever had any rheumatological blood work done? You may want to do this. A lot of your symptoms sound auto-immune. I get chest, neck and shoulder pain and tightness. I have an auto immune disease that causes it. Are you fatigued? BTW I thought magnesium could be the cause of my problems at first, too. I took it and nothing changed.

Bay7000 Have you ever been tested for asthma?[/QUOTE]

no i have not been tested for i exercised a bit and noticed
no sharp pains, and i can still take deep breaths when jogging.
but the dull achey tightness is still there.
i also noticed more pain (below left breast) when i was nervous talking on the phone today..from acid?

i did some blood work last month and my doc said it came out normal, . past few weeks i noticed i do experience weakness in the legs, some slightly burning knees, and hips. i tend to urinate more frequently. and my back (back of ribs, and upper shoulders) seems to tighten up and cramp a bit...i didnt really experience these before...

i also have a history of neck pain, with burning sensations that can give me headaches, and weak left arm. but my left arm hasnt been that numb or tingly lately.

whats the difference between blood work tests and auto immune? does the regular blood work test account for all the other stuff? how do you treat your condition?

yea, as icecreamlady said, i think you will be ok. lately i have been trying to distract the mind and not worry to much about my symptoms..i kinda just shrug it off, stressing off of it will make it worse. but i do keep a log of my symptoms in a lil journal.

i had some phone interview today and my nervousness made my left chest area ache a bit more, somewhat of a slight burning feeling...could be the acid or whatever?

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