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I wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have had similar problems that have been going on for about 5 months and are getting progressively worse. I am a usually very healthy 44 year old woman. I had tightness in chest right under the breast bone and was burping and sweating. My doctor made me go to er and they ran a bunch of tests for the heart and they came back fine. So one doctor said see your own doctor it is probably gerd. Another doctor wanted to give my BP medicine. My doctor said my BP was usually fine, so we would just watch it. Without running any tests they gave me omperazole for Gerd. It seems like I started having more Gerd problems and had side effects from it like losing my hair! The chest pain would happen when I was doing things, stairs, activities but not all the time. I have been to cardiologist who thinks I am crazy, and my own doctor said gerd or anxiety, and that I should take an antidepressant. i have an appt with gastro specialist, but really gerd when i am doing things? I don't have much hope. I am now getting episodes daily with chest feeling, and neck tightness, sometimes my left arm. It sound cardiac to me, but all the doctors don't seem to think so. I am going to continue to go to doctors until someone takes me seriously, or I end up in ER. By the way I went to ER a month ago, and they said I hadn't had a heart attack and didn't have cancer and that was all they could check. They said I definitely have something wrong, but they only deal with immediate life threatening conditions. Thanks. Every doctor makes you wait for an appt, wait for tests and wait for results! I am sorry I am complaining. I guess I just wanted to let you know you are not alone, and to keep going to the doctor, even if they think it's all in your mind. Some symptoms may be anxiety, but hey when you aren't feeling good and no one is helping you YOU FEEL ANXIOUS..
Let us know how things are.

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