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Let me start off by giving a little background information on who I am. I am a nineteen year old male. I never drink, take cafiene or smoke. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with food. My metabolism has always been fast (although I feel it has slowed down lately) and I tend to eat a lot, and fast. I do my best to eat as healthy as I can, but every so often, I cave and even binge.

For nearly a year now, I've had chronic postnasal drip which is definitely worsened immediately after eating food. As I am lactose intolerant, I try my best to avoid any milk products.

First, I went to see an allergist, but I didn't show up positive to any reactions. Then, I took a complete blood count to see if I was allergic to gluten and I wasn't. I was also given strong antibiotics (augmentin) and they didn't help, either.

I very rarely have heartburn. And as soon as I told that to my doctor, he basically shied away from my idea that I might have acid reflux.

Recently, however, I have been starting to get heartburn more. It is still a rare occasion, but I think it's getting worse.

Another problem is that my stomach is ALWAYS bloated no matter what I do. I drink plenty of water and try my best to eat an appropriate amount of fiber daily.

It seems that whenever I take a deep breath I get heartburn. And when I press on my stomach, you can hear a lot of liquid washing inside while I am bloated.

Today, I've had very bad pain in my stomach when needing to pass stool. It was a bit difficult like I was straining.

I don't know what to do anymore. I've seen about three different doctors and they never even suggested that I do a barium swallow, or endoscopy to see if I have a hernia.

please help.

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