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Re: At my wits end!
Mar 27, 2013
I have an appt with my doctor next week and will talk to him then. I have to say though, I am having second thoughts about the esophagus spasms because the gastro doc put me on meds that have done zero to help. My primary and gastro doc both said the spasms but my pain isn't vertical along my esophagus it's horizontal across my breast area and when I turn on my left side the pain starts and gets worse when I lift my arm up and put it across my husband. However with that said the other night I was laying down and sneezed and felt a very sharp pain approx 3in long directly between my breasts along my esophagus and it was the weirdest feeling along with horrible pain for a minute or two. I can tell exactly where the pain started and exactly stopped like it got to a point and shut off. Anyway I'm getting off track, I have not felt this pain to be along my esophagus but in a localized area on the inner side of my left breast and esophagus. Well last night I was laying down and felt something weird in my breast exactly where my pain has been from day one. My throat "lump" is still there full force for 3 weeks now. What I don't understand is that my doctor said its caused by a spasm. My question is this... Why is the "lump" there 24/7 and not just when I'm having a spasm? I would think I would feel a spasm. I'm sorry I went off in another direction..I wanted to thank you for the valium suggestion and I'm still going to talk with my doc next week after my Mammogram on Friday.

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