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First a rant about drs.....I've been on Aciphex for 3 years. Recently had EGD due to upper chest pain and found over 30 polpys in my stomach. Dr advised me to up my Aciphex to 20mg twice a day to help with the pain. I did some research and found that PPI's can cause polyps. At my next appt I brought this up to my dr and he said yes, that is correct and gave me a prescription for Zantac 300mg twice a day.
REALLY????? He was going to let me keep taking double the Aciphex...even though he knew it could be causing my polyps? AAARRGhhhh

Anyway. On to the question. Sorry everyone.

I quit Aciphex cold turkey about a week ago. Been taking Zantac 300 mg twice a day since then. Started having a lot of chest pain/pressure and stomach pain. I'm assuming rebound effect although I'm not sure.

Should I just keep going with the Zantac and tough this out? Or is it better for my body if I go back and try to wean off the Aciphex...?

Hello there, I stopped the protonix on December after taking it for 2 years, 2 per day, 40mg each. I stopped cold turkey so I'm still dealing with the acid rebound which is horrible and now I have many more problems but now I am taking natural remedies and I have faith that they will really help me. If you want to avoid the horrible acid rebound you should start by lowering your dose, then take it every other day for a week, and like that. Zantac after you stop the aciphex. Have you tried natural remedies? I think that they help more than PPI's since those cause more harm than good to some people. I used to feel 20 times better before taking the PPI's than now. I hope that things go smoothly for you. Good luck.
Thank you for the response. Yeah I'm not feeling the best now. But since Ive been off the PPI for over a week now .....would it do more harm than good to start it again (just so I could slowly wean off)?

Wish I had never started the PPI in the first place. Wonder why it's the first choice of so many doctors?!?!
In my case, I found out about the horrible acid rebound two weeks after I had stopped taking the PPI's so that's why I continued like that, I didn't want to start all over and I didn't know how bad it was going to be. In your case, if your symptoms are really bad then you should slowly stop it. Since it has been only one week since you stopped going back on it wouldn't hurt, but it all depends on how you feel about that. I really hope that you don't have to go through all these horrible symptoms. I have read that it's better to go off them slowly, sometimes our bodies have become dependent on PPI's so that is why the acid rebound is more severe. I wish I had never taken them either because now my stomach has more damage. I don't know why doctors prescribe them for more than 2 weeks, they are supposed to be taken 14 days the most. I guess they just want to treat the symptoms; sadly those pills don't cure the underlying problems, so that is why natural remedies are better in my opinion.
No problem :). But it's a long story and sorry if I go off track.

My acid rebound symptoms: horrible acid reflux/heartburn (most of the time), pain in the middle of my upper stomach (this pain sometimes goes to the right side under the rib cage, but this pain comes and goes), I feel bloated and full even if I eat a little bit. I also burp a lot and I have to sleep with two pillows under my wedge pillow or else I feel that my throat burns and chest pain too. All that has been going on since December till last week.

Last Friday I had an esophagael motility test (I've had an upper endoscopy 14 months ago that was normal, ph Bravo test that confirmed the GERD which was mild back then one year ago, h.Pylori which tested positive and I took a 10-day antibiotic treatment like 2 years ago).

Well the point is that the esophagael motility test was horrible and the nurse that did that test on me said that the result said that my lower esophagal sphincter doesn't close (I kind of knew that already) but she also said that when I swallowed that my esophagus motility was really weak. I didn't have any swallowing problems before that test, and since the moment that she told me that, I came out of the office crying and depressed because that sounds scary and since that day I have difficulty swallowing and I'm scared of eating. When I eat I feel that there's something stuck there and I start panicking. I wonder if this is psychological because of what she said because before that test I could swallow normal! This week I have lost my appetite (I was already feeling hungry and feeling better since it's been almost 3 months since I stopped the protonix). I also noticed that I'm losing weight, 4 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I don't know if I'm losing weight because I am depressed and anxious or because I am eating so little. I cry whenever I'm alone and I feel that this depression is making things worst.

I just don't get how my exam came out like that. It's just scary. Now I am taking herbal remedies that my naturopath gave me on Saturday because I was desperate to find some hope so he came to see me and told me that I can be cured. That doctors believe that there is no cure for this problems because they don't treat what may be causing the problems, so the PPI's are like an escape. And with natural medicine you are trying to make your stomach alkaline, and to restore the damage that the PPI's have done.

Lifestyle changes are necessary. I have changed my diet, now I eat more vegetables and soft foods. When I first started experiencing the acid rebound problems I started drinking organic aloe vera juice, I've read great things about it but I later noticed that it was causing me heartburn. I don't know if I should try it again. I also take 1-3 teaspoons of honey daily, that really helps me and it helps heal the esophagus. I was taking zantac on the really bad days or mylanta. But now I'm just taking what the herbalist gave me. This is a lot for me since I'm not used to drinking many meds but I have faith that it will help me. It's day 5 taking the natural remedies and I still feel really bad and can barely eat but hopefully I will start to notice the difference soon.

I think that you should try the aloe vera juice, honey, apples (those help me). Some people say that the apple cider vinegar has helped them but my stomach couldn't handle it.

***I forgot to mention that I will see my G.I in 3 weeks. They haven't looked at the motility test yet since this was donde at another place. And when I stopped the PPI's they G.I and primary care doctor didn't like the idea and prescribed me nexium but I didn't take it either. I know that doctors are great but I don't want PPI's because their side-effects are bad!
Yes, I am hoping that my dysmotility results were bad, and that my "trouble swallowing" and chest pain while I swallow is just anxiety. Because as soon as I was told that this last problems started. Last night a was able to eat a little more, (I have to eat to stop losing weight). Have you read about gastrin? It's in our stomachs and since the PPI's stopped our acid production, now that you have stopped that PPI's the gastrin is producing more acid, that is why you now have heartburn. You should read about that. Just be aware that sometimes there's scary stories out there and if you suffer from anxiety you might panic, that is what has been happening to me. I just want my normal life back!!! We will eventually get there!!! Yay I sound more positive today!!
I tried almost all the PPI's and nothing seemed to work. Last one I was taking was 40mg Prilosec twice a day. After no luck with this I switched gastro doctors and the new doc said it was due to stress and told me to stop them all. Well after stopping cold turkey I felt good until about 10 days and then the severe acid rebound hit. I am going on 7 weeks and I don't get much heartburn but now my throat has been really sore the last few days. I take Xanax in the morning and this seems to help since the anxiety makes it must worse. How how you been feeling, have you experienced any rebound since stopping aciphex.


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