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[QUOTE=sweets66;4937195]I was diagnosed by an ENT with LPR a little over two weeks ago. He did a scope through my nose to look at my throat. I had gone to see him because I had this chronic dry cough, post nasal drip and then all of a sudden had trouble swallowing. I was also having some issues with anxiety, so that didn't help. I am taking nexium 40 mg in the am and Rantadine 150 mg at bedtime. I am also being really strict with what I eat and drink. Water, apple juice now and then and decaf green or herbal teas. Barely eating at all really.

Over the last several days my throat has been really sore. It isn't too bad early in the day, but by 5 or so it hurts alot and I don't want to eat dinner or even talk. I find that I am hoarse by then. The mucus also starts really bothering me. I am taking some liquid Tussin, hoping it will help with the mucus. Also just started today with some aloe vera juice to see if it helps.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with the sore throat and PND? Also, I have now felt like crap for three weeks. How long does it take to start feeling better? This is really draining me and making me so depressed. I can't seem to enjoy anything anymore because I feel so bad. I am hopeful I will start to see some improvement soon???

Thanks for listening![/QUOTE]

When your ENT did the scope through your nose, did he/she see any inflammation or irritation in your throat/voice box?

I was "diagnosed" with LPR a month ago because I have been having issues with my throat. I get the globus sensation off and on, a very dry throat, and cracking voice. Even feels like food gets stuck behind my tongue when I eat sometimes.

However, when the ENT did the scope he didn't see any irritation or inflammation. So I am confused. I don't know if my issues are sinus/allergy related, or LPR. My GI doc wants to do a full endoscopy in a few weeks.

I have been on 40MG of Prilosec and Gaviscon twice a day. I cut coffee, alcohol, and tea from my diet, along with spicy food. Nevertheless, after one month of this I have seen virtually no improvement. This further adds to confusion and anxiety.

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