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I've had this problem for 3 months now. At first I had a sore throat for about a week. But once the sore throat cleared up my neck hasn't felt right since. I have an uncomfortable lump in the throat feeling right below my adam's apple. I clear my throat a lot. About half the time my neck feels stiff like I may have a cramp. It's not painful at all when I swallow. In fact when I'm eating or drinking most of the symptoms seem to go away. What's weird is whenever I raise my head as high as it will go or lower it as low as it will go I feel a shortness of breath for a split second. Doing most of my daily activities I don't feel any pain. However, if I do anything too strenuous I do feel a temporary pain right below the adam's apple. Yesterday when I was playing golf I could feel pain about half the time when I would turn my head to hit the golf ball. I've had a CT scan without contrast and everything looked fine. My ENT did the scoping with a camera and looked at my throat and esophagus and said everything was fine. However, he did say I have GERD. This surprised me since I've never had heartburn a day in my life. Anyway, he put me on Nexium for 30 days. Tomorrow is my 30th day and I go back to see him tomorrow afternoon. So far I haven't seen where the Nexium has done any good. Also, in the last couple weeks I've developed a couple other problems. When I sleep on my back I've started feeling pain in my lower back. I don't think it's the kidneys because I don't have any other symptoms of kidney infection. I believe it's in the lower ribs right above the kidneys. So I tried sleeping on my side but now I've found that I have a pain in my side right below the ribs. I don't feel these pains during the day. It's just when I try to sleep or leaning forward when I'm sitting at my desk. I don't know if the back and side pain is due to the GERD, a side effect of the Nexium, or something completely unrelated like kidney stones or a gallbladder problem.
Also, after sleeping on my back for a couple hours I wake up with a pain on my upper back right behind the lungs on the left side. When I get off my back the pain stops after a few minutes. I also had a chest Xray and CT scan and nothing was found. I don't know if this could be something related to the GERD. Anyone else have any problems like these or have any advice ?

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