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Hi all,

Not sure this is the right section to post this - but I'm looking for some advice on what condition I may have.

I was going through a stressful time for 12 weeks and right after the stress ended (pretty much the next day) I awoke to really severe stomach pain. It was a severe stomach pain that was above the belly button and got much better after eating (and I had to eat every 2-3 hours to calm it down). When I didn't eat I would get the severe stomach pain as well as burping up some acid. I didn't get any acid after eating (only when not eating).

My doctor gave me ppi's to take for a few weeks and they reduced some of the symptoms (not eliminated) so I stopped taking them for a month. So basically now - the severe stomach pain is gone almost completely, but I have a dull ache between the belly button and sternum - gets a tiny bit better with food, but doesn't really matter. However now after eating I seem to be getting acid reflux - my stomach seems to be forcing burping and acid to come up to my throat/mouth. It's not heartburn rather it seems to be gas with acid coming up with it (sometimes it's just acid though). Also regurgitation occurs. It seems to only occur hours after eating, not 30 mins after.

I never really had any chest pain and/or heart burn (and still don't), most of it is below the sternum. Pain is worse upon waking up, but gets better after an hour or so of sitting. No feeling of getting food stuck in throat - but stomach seems to be more "full" after eating. Quantity of food seems to matter more than type of food. Tested negative for hpylori. Doesn't really get worse when lying down - but gets worse when bending over. Mild nasuea sometimes, stools are fine.

Gastritis caused an ulcer, ppi's healed it, but gastritis still there? Can gastritis cause burping acid/mild acid reflux?

Sorry for the long post - just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what can be causing this? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :). Just a bit concerned as most stuff online I've read says that gastritis doesn't cause acid reflux.

Major symptoms currently:
24/7 Pain between belly button and sternum - doesn't go into chest
Mild nausea - especially after eating a lot
[B]Burping up acid[/B]/Acid reflux
Pain worse upon waking up, but gets better after an hour or so of sitting.
Increased pressure after eating
When pushing out stomach, pain feels worse.
Sometimes weird taste in mouth in morning (sourish)

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