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I wrote you a little while back. How's the naturopath doc working? I went to another GI doc that also works with holistic medicines. He told me that I may have Bile Reflux as well. Though there was no report of any bile reflux from my upper endoscopy in December 2011. I'm also worried because from what I read is that there is not much they can do for it except surgery. It's more difficult to control than regular acid reflux. It seems if bile gets into your stomach then some amount of bile reflux had occurred, small or large amounts due to some loosening of the pyloric sphincter. Maybe your past GI doc thought it was such a small amount that it wasn't something to worry you about. Does your naturopathic doc have any suggestions about bile reflux. seems at least most regular allopathic prescribing western docs don't seem to have much to say. I'm hoping bile reflux is not what I have. It's been nearly 6 months of abdominal pains, anxiety, and chest tightness. Hope you feel better soon. This stuff is terrible and really disrupts our lives. In my prayers.

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