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Re: 24-7 burping?!?
Mar 29, 2012
Hello guys just a quick update here. Apperently all the burping i was doing was coming from a stomach bacteria called h pyolri. In the beggining i was told that i had acid reflux but my doctor told me to get off acid pills and gave me a new medicine for my bacteria.
IF you are worried you have h pylori too some of my symptoms are:

*Excessive burping, i mean 200 times a day! no lies
*stomach aches,bloating,cramps
*Hurts to go to bathroom
*clogged nose (not saying this is a symptom it just occured outa no where around same time above symptoms started.
*spasms in stomach area

Also just cause i have these symptoms doesnt mean you have to, to have h pylor. Some common symptoms of h pylori are:

*An ache or burning pain in your abdomen
*Frequent burping
*Weight loss

If you think you have this bacteria, i suggest asking your doctor if your symptoms match it. Cause originaly my doctor thought i had acid reflux so prescribed acid meds, but a MAJOR sign that it wasnt acid reflux was taking the pills constant for 2 weeks+ and no change, still the same. So doctor called in a EGD and i guess that found this bacteria in me. The biggest symptom for me was the burping! it just wouldnt go away! thanks all, have a great day.

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