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I have been having health problems since the end of January. It initially started with vomiting and I thought I had gastro so I started by taking Motilium for a couple of days and it didn't help so I switched to Primperin 10 mg and that didn't work either so I tried Gravol and it didn't work. My symptoms started getting worse and I started getting nauseous with trouble digesting food and constant burping. I saw a doctor on February 10, he asked for full tests of urine, stool, bacteriology, hematology, chemistry, endocrinology and serology, and a Urea breath test, which showed negative. He told me to take Nexium 20 mg and Premperin. I was not getting better so he referred me to a gastroenterologist and endoscopy specialist. At the time of my visit I had no pain. My symptoms were nausea, indigestion and dizziness. The doctor asked for a prolactin test, which came back normal and an ultra sound of the pelvis, which also came back normal. The doctor told me to take Nexium 40mg instead of 20mg. I then had my own suspicions of middle ear so I went to an ENT specialist and he checked my ears and said I have no middle ear and I am normal. I went to see a gynecologist thinking that my nausea was caused by some hormonal problems, but the doctor told me that the pelvis ultrasound is normal and that he doesn't see any reason to do hormone tests. I told him I cannot function from the nausea and I am unable to go to university. I asked him for something that can help me function and lead a normal life without nausea and dizziness, he gave me a prescription for Zofran which we started on Feb 20 with one pill a day but that didn't help either and I was not able to attend university. I then called my doctor again and at that point I started having severe upper abdominal pain above the belly button. He told me to do an ultrasound of the abdomen and that came back normal and he told me to take Buscopan as needed for pain. On the 22nd of February I underwent an endoscopy and the gastroenterologist told me that I have 6 small ulcers and gastritis and she took a biopsy and the result came back showing Helicobacter Pylori. She said that the Helicobacter Pylori was severe and asked me to take two types of antibiotics for 14 days, Ospamox 1000 mg and Klacid 500 mg twice a day each and to take Pariet 20 mg twice a day and Probiolog two tablets after lunch. It was a disaster and I felt very bad with the side effects of the antibiotics in addition to the constant feeling of nausea and dizziness, which has prevented me from leaving the house. I called the doctor and she prescribed Betaserc 8 mg three times a day, which did not help at all. My doctor asked me to have an MRI of the brain and I did that on March 6th and it was normal.
The treatment was completed and I stopped the antibiotics on the 10th day as I couldn't tolerate them anymore. The gastroenterologist was surprised that I was still nauseous after the treatment was complete and she asked for some blood tests and for stool test for 3 days in a row and she asked for an upper GI and SIS x ray, which all came back normal. She also suggested that I go see a neurologist. I went to a neurologist on March 14th and he found nothing wrong with me and suggested that I stop all medications and see how it goes. I stopped everything for 2 weeks then I was tested again for Helicobacter Pylori with a Urea breath test that came back negative and a stool test for Helicobacter Pylori, which also came back negative. I was also tested for Cortisol, which came back normal as well. After these results the gastroenterologist suggested to keep on taking the Pariet 20 mg once a day for two weeks and she said that she was sure that I would get better but it has been a week now and I still feel the same unpleasant feelings of nausea and indigestion and constant burping and some upper abdominal pain. On March 23 I went back to the gynecologist to see whether or not I had any cysts. He did an ultra sound of the pelvis and found no cysts and that everything was normal. Everyday I wake up feeling the same, nauseous and unwell. The treatment with the Pariet is supposed to end on April 5. There is no improvement whatsoever in my condition.
If anyone has any ideas of what might be causing this nausea and burping please help me!!!

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