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I had acid reflux about 2 years ago. After so much testing, scanning etc... They found out that it was reflux. I responded to Nexium 40mg. It worked like a charm. After 5-6 weeks the symptoms vanished . The GI told me to take it for 3 months but I ended up taking it for about 16 months then I decided to wean off the medication. At first I reduced the dosage to 20 mg/day then after 3 weeks to none. After 3 weeks off Nexium, the reflux came back with a vengeance. The doctor put me back on it for 6 weeks (40mg/day) but I did not respond at all this time.
The GI then decided to take me off from the PPI for 4 weeks in order to do an endoscopy and biopsies for P. pylori. Results showed negative for pylori but inflamed esophagus (esophagitis). I am now on Somac (pantoprazole - a PPI).

Has anyone has ever experienced the problem- Immunity to NEXIUM?. It seemed to stop working for me the second time around!.
How long does it take for this Pantoprazole to work? like any other PPI? 4-6 weeks? I feel a bit low. Should I just try to find out which PPI work for me?. I take Gaviscon when it's very bad. I have pain radiating on my back between the 2 shoulder blades.
Thanks in advance.

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