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Hi - I found this board during my google searches and would appreciate any/all feedback.


[B]August 1st, 2011[/B], I fasted for 12 hours in the day, then when opening my fast, I hate plenty of food. At night, I drank two bottles of water and drank some coconut water, that is when I noticed that I was having a hard time breathing. I drank too much water and I could feel it, I had to get up and try to walk around, had hard time burping. After a few minutes in stretching I was able to burp and relive myself but i felt some discomfort in my stomach. I went to sleep and the next day noticed discomfort as well.

When eating I would feel discomfort and when not eating as well, I tried to burp but sometimes it was difficult, basically I ended up belching for some relief, but discomfort was constant now and it felt like somebody punched me, the pain was right below my chest plates.

I went to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) after one week, during that first week I took nothing. He gave me dexilant to take, I didn't know what it was, I took it for a few days but no relief.

I revisited the PCP after like 5 days, he sent for me test for gall bladder.

The gall bladder test came back great, no Issues there. He told me to go see a GI.

This is now end of August, saw GI, he said let's do a upper endoscopy to see if there is any Issue.

[B]This is my exact endoscopy report:[/B]

"Irregular GE junction was noted in the distal esophagus. Multiple biopsies were obtained and sent to pathology. Gastritis was found in the antrum.
Biopsies of the antrum and body of the stomach were obtained and sent to pathology. The duodenal bulb was normal in appearance, as was the
postbulbar duodenum. Normal duodenal folds were noted. Retroflexed views of the cardia revealed no abnormalities. The scope was then
completely withdrawn from the patient and the procedure terminated.

1) Irregular GE junction in the distal esophagus
2) Gastritis in the antrum
3) Normal duodenum

1) await biopsy results
2) anti-reflux regimen
3) continue current meds
4) follow up office in 2 weeks"

Now, when I went to the GI, he gave me Nexium. I had the endoscopy done in two days right after my first visit.

My pain after the endoscopy grew, I even had a slight fever due to the pain, I revisited him thinking something in the endoscopy went wrong, he just told me my stomach is inflamed. He told me to take Nexium 2 X 40g every day for two weeks, and come back see him.

I took 80g for two days then cut it to regular 40g, the Nexium did help.

My biopsy results came in, everything was great with the results.

He told me to continue Nexium for 3 months and come back.

After one month of Nexium, I noticed my burping/belching was coming back, and I decided to stop cold turkey as my stomach pain was gone.

That was a bad move as now I even had sore throat symptoms which I never had. Note: I never had heartburn, just discomfort in the stomach right below my chest plates. About 10 days of not taking anything and trying OTC Zantac, I went to him again in October, he told me to take the Nexium again. We did play with omeaprazole, but Nexium worked better.

I tried Nexium, it helped initially but then stopped working. He told in November to take 80g per day for like 3-4 weeks. I took it for like 12 days and saw no improvement, so stopped and just reverted to one pill per day.

Late November, I revisited him and he switched me to Achiphex. I took 20g per day and it worked great for me.

I continued entire month of December on it and it helped.

In January, 2012, in my follow up, I spoke to him about getting off of it, he told me to switch it to every other day.

I then switched it to every other day and my symptoms did not come back. In the day I did not take Achiphex, I took [B]DGL[/B].

Then in late February, I decided to switch to taking achiphex one day, skip two days. I did notice symptoms like burping come back, but it was maintainable. I just took some more DGL those days.


In mid [B]March, 2012,[/B] I went to him again told him I'm doing good and would like to go to H2 blocker, he prescribed me 150mg Ranitidine for twice a day as needed.

Now when I stopped Achiphex I did see a backfire, I saw symptoms come back again, but it was not the pain underneath my chestplate, it's the [B]heartburn[/B], which I NEVER had. I think it is heart burn because I feel tightness and discomfort in my chest. Also, burping came back.

Note, I also increased other supplements. I started taking mastica gum which helps a bit, but DGL so far helps the most. I tried Aloe Vera juice, which I am not sure if it helps.

Now, it's going or I believe already has been a month, and this 4-5 weeks, I think maybe one or two day I was completely symptom free, but every day I have had symptoms, no pain below my chest plate for which I went to in August, 2011, but instead this chest pain which I attribute is heartburn, probably as a rebound from stopping achiphex.

[B][U]My questions, current regiment, and concerns[/U][/B]

This is what I do right now:

1. Take 150mg Ranitidine in the morning before eating anything.
2. Take DGL capsule before breakfast, lunch, and dinner
3. Take Mastica Gum capsules between lunches and at night.
4. Sometimes take 150mg Ranitidine at night.

My questions:

1. Do I have low or high acid? I did good on the PPI, but now that I am off it, I have belching again which is not always the case, I guess there maybe triggers. I don't have the stomach type of pain I had before, but now have chest pain, which I assume is heartburn.

I don't want an invasive test, I heard about the Heidelberg test but I am not sure who to go to, the GI again?

2. What else can I do to get rid of this heartburn which I never had in the beginning? I listed my regiment above with herbal meds.

3. Should I try Gaviscon? I just read about it, I am not sure if this is addictive and causes rebound like PPI? Any suggestions, is it fine to use, or is it like a PPI where it gets you hooked?

4. I am panicky type of guy, should I get done a follow endoscopy, even though I want to avoid invasive procedures, to just make sure my stomach has healed, etc. Or is it not necessary based on what I described. Again, this is more of me just making sure I am not doing harm to myself.

Lastly, I am in Orlando, Florida, so if anyone has any good herbalist or doctors, I would appreciate your feedback. I found one Naturopath who is a MD, his name is Dr. Kalias, but he's not accepted by my insurance, plus he does no insurance claims, he charges a lot, so right now he's not an option.

Looking to make sure I off meds I don't need but am recovering back to what it was like before as well without doing myself harm.

Would appreciate the feedback!

Hi - I went to my GI today due to the pain in the chest, he said this is due to Acid Reflux and I need to stay on Achiphex.

Today was exactly one month when I had completely stopped taking Achiphex.

I asked him about acid rebound, he said that is to be expected once you stop, but then he asked me if I have been taking Zatac (2 X 150) per day, I said yes, and he said if I had symptoms all of those days. I said I have had mild symptoms, all manageable, but nothing like the pain for the past two days ago.

He said then I was not taking Zantac as needed but as a need and it still did not resolve the symptoms.

He said to go back on Achiphex (20mg per day) and then I can repeat the test that I did. One month Achiphex one per day, then every other day, then switch to Zantac, and return back in 3 months.

He said I may have to stay on Achiphex every other day.

Wanted to get thoughts from you guys? Should I visit another GI for another opinion?


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