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Hi all, I'm new here, 25y female. For a few months I've been having a persistent cough that doesn't bring up much mucus, and enormous difficulty eating. My cough was recently attributed to a combination of allergies (unaware to what) +GERD. Since I have a heart condition, they did all the routine cardiac tests I have evry year before declaring that the heart was not the problem. They are giving me one Nexium a day and something called Neoloridin. However I am finding this whole business very distressing.

I've always been a poor eater, always prone to taking longer than everyone else to finish a meal, but lately I have been having a very active gag reflex. Sometimes the non stop coughing leads to gagging and bringing up some spit and maybe some bile. But now the gag reflex is being activated by even liquids like juice, tea or even water. Sometimes my throat just doesnt want to swallow anything down. My father is exasperated and thinks I am anorexic or bulimic, as I've never been a great eater to begin with. But the gagging is not something I do deliberately to rid myself of food. Sometimes I'll be fine for half an hour or so after a meal but then get awful waves of nausea and will have no other choice but to throw up in order to feel better. My weight is miserably low. How do I address this, is this typical of gerd?

Second what is the persistent cough about? There is always some burning, obstruction, or swollen feeling at the start of the throat, and a serious tickle. I cough hard because I feel like there's a web of phlegm blocking my throat but nothing comes out when I cough. However my nose drips non stop all day, ropes and ropes of mucus streaming out and i have to hold tissues to my face all day. One day about two months ago, blood bubbled out of my throat and I was coughing frank blood. The ENT doctor said I had irritated my throat by coughing too hard. Everyone says I should try reducing the amount of coughing I do (all day, all night) but if I don't address that tickle it just gets unbearable and then I feel like I can't breathe. Is this GERD too?

Third and this worries me the most, I have a right side pain that gets worse at night. It feels like pleurisy pain in that I can't breathe in deep, I can't lie on the opposite side, I can't cough. The pain is agonising. I have to force my cough out little by little, and take tiny shallow breaths or breathe through my mouth. I've had pleurisy before and this is exactly similar. It even gets worse at night and in the cold like the pleurisy did. But they checked my lungs this time and declared them clear so it's not the pleurisy again. And it's not trapped gas either, it's a different, stabbing, angry sort of pain. The pain is in the rib area and the whole side is sore. There's a definite sore spot just below the ribs. Have I gone and bruised a rib or could it be something else?

I hope someone who's dealt with GERD can tell me how to deal with all the pain.

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