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I'm just going to tell you my symptoms, some background information about myself and what I have tried already.

[B]My Symptoms:[/B]
-Chronic postnasal drip & sinus pressure exacerbated after eating food
-Burping, especially when I get up and walk
-Dull chest pain, tightness
-Experience heartburn once a week at average, but not so much that it bothers me.
-Regurgitation, sometimes I feel water coming back up my esophagus, but never felt food reflux

I also seem to have an issue digesting fat. For example, I'll eat a fatty meal, and almost immediately after eating, I get a sharp pain in my lower stomach, gas, and then diarrhea within minutes.

This same exact thing has happened to me on individual occasions after eating Salmon, Gyros, Trout, and even after eating a couple of scrambled eggs. So, I don't know if there's an issue with my Gallbladder or what.

[B]About myself:[/B]
19, Male
5'6"-5'7", 135 lbs (obviously not overweight)

I don't smoke or drink. Never have.

I am not currently taking any medication. I haven't took any in the past 6 months.

I regularly do a lot of lifting at my job and I also lift weights occasionally including abdominal exercise (I wouldn't be shocked if I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia).

[B]What I tried:[/B]
-I went to an allergist and nothing came back positive.
-Took a total blood count and everything was normal, no gluten intolerance (although I have been told these tests are inaccurate)

I went to my doctor and told him I think I have GERD. He asked me if I had any heartburn, I said no. And because of that, he told me he didn't think I had GERD. I asked him about LPR, which is essentially GERD without heartburn, but he didn't seem to have any answer to that.

But I would imagine that even if I told him that I had heartburn, he'd probably just give me a prescription for a PPI.

So, I don't know what to do. Should I just go to the doctor and straight-up ask for an Endoscopy? What about a barium swallow?

Please help.

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