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On Sunday I suffered a severe panic attack, while driving on the motorway. Ambulance checked me out with ecg, bloods and sats and they told me it was a panic attack. Went to my GPs the next day and he confirmed it and said my BP was fine and that it was defo panic attack. I have a history of anxiety and experienced panic attacks years ago. Hes got me quickly on a program to manage my panic attacks and anxiety and prescribed meds that at the moment I have not taken. Problem is I'm still getting chest pains, difficulty breathing and heartburn, like acid and palpitations. Last night it was like my heart was going into a spasm, in the center of my lower breastbone but my pulse was 70ish. I'm experiencing a sore like pain in my chest and sometimes a pain in the center of my shoulder blades in my back. The acid and the should blade pain I have been experiencing for a few weeks prior to my panic attack. My symptoms get worse when I become anxious. Maybe 8 years ago I experienced this and I had a range of heart tests treadmill test, 24hr holster test and ecg which all showed normal and then I stumbled accross this site and self diagnosed GERD along with the severe anxiety my GP told me I had. As time passed my symptoms eased along with my anxiety. I suppose what I'm asking is does anyone else relate to these symptoms? Years have passed and I've forgotten and just want reasurrance and to also ask if its my heart that spasms or the osesgus thingy? excuse my spelling x

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