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Hello! This is my first post on these forums, though admittedly I've been lurking and reading since last year...

I am 23 years old, work out 1-3 times a week, only eat organic foods (family habit), and about 20lbs underweight. This problem is very perplexing to me, as I haven't eaten any processed/junk foods in years.

As of 3 weeks ago, my symptoms have been:

- Constant daily post nasal drip

- Stabbing chest pain followed by esophagus contractions (I literally can't swallow unless i forcefully gulp water).

- Strange "lurching" or "fluttering" right where my diaphragm is.

- Over-production of gas, with off and on heartburn and abdominal pressure.

- Occasional nausea when i first wake up, that seems to go away when i drink something.

- Seemingly never-ending flatulence when I lay down at night. (I'm not even embarrassed. That is the least uncomfortable symptom :P)

- Alternating left/right shoulder/armpit pain that comes and goes according to my posture, never lasting more than maybe 20 seconds.

- Strange icthy dry cough if I lay down too soon after eating (obviously reflux).

Here is where I get confused. It only happens once a year in the springtime, based on past experience. Last year around March/April, I had similar, albeit less intense symptoms like the ones above. I thought the stabbing chest/arm pain was heart related, so I got an EKG and Stress Test done, only to be told my heart was healthier than most, and athletic. I was also told that cardiac pains usually start during exercise/activity and decrease with rest. Which doesn't help me at all, because my pain seems to have its own schedule, and changes randomly every day regardless of what I'm doing.

I have witnessed strange coincidences though. April/May is usually when all of the trees in my backyard are in full bloom. That includes two Mesquite trees near the patio. These trees produce little pollen balls that look like cheese puffs, and they fall EVERYWHERE and get blown into every nook and cranny!

Here is why I think the reactions are Allergic. When I step outside during this time, I smell the pollen. Then, a few hours later, the mucous starts flowing. Then I can almost predict when the chest pains will start, followed by one or more of the other symptoms. The flutters seem to be esophageal/diaphragm spasms brought on by reflux in response to the excess mucous. At least from what I'm guessing.

I was skeptical about the seasonal allergy theory until I tested it recently. I stayed indoors and locked ALL the windows for about three days. All of the symptoms slowly went away, and I felt like a million bucks. As soon as I stepped back outside, the whole thing started all over again.

So I guess my questions to this forum are, "Does anyone else experience this?" and "How can I relieve and/or cure Post-Nasal Drip?"

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