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I've had horrible acid reflux for a few years now. Sometimes it causes me to feel as if I can't get a satisfying breath. I take deep breaths again and again until one satisfies me, and then I start the cycle again. In the last few months something new has started. Sometimes it feels like.... Like my heart skips a beat? Like I stop breathing just for a second. I don't choke or anything, it's over so quick, but I get an odd feeling in my chest for a few moments afterward, I find it hard to describe. Might this be related to acid reflux? Sometimes it happens even when it's not bad, however it seems to occur more frequently when it is. I've been experiencing it for the last few days, and I've been getting nasty heartburn on those days too. I've experienced it more today than ever, I'm not sure how many times it's been. It freaks the hell out of me. It also happens whenever something startles me, which has happened a few times today due to anxiety issues. My anxiety has been growing too, I've had acid reflux (not burning, just a lot of fluid and food in my throat).

I've had doctors listen to my lungs a few times (never during one of these episodes though) and he said that they sound fine. In fact one a few weeks ago said that they sounded great.

I also wanted to mention that I don't even understand my reflux. I've tried identifying bad foods and safe foods... But I can't. Neither exist for me. I've had foods that I hear are bad such as ice cream, pizza, chilli, etc that haven't bothered me at all and some good foods like baked potato chips cause me to have reflux so bad that I've almost gone to the emergency room due to pain and/or terrible breathing issues. But even they aren't consistent, I can eat something one day that doesn't bother me but it will the next. Am I alone in this or are there others like me out there? How do you handle it? I just don't know what to eat anymore, it feels like every time I do I'm playing Russian Roulette except I get acid reflux instead of getting shot.
Definitely, acid reflux can cause you to feel short of breath. And if you have both acid reflux and anxiety, the two can play into one another.

Could texture possibly be a trigger for you? Try staying away from crunchy things. And even baked potato chips aren't necessarily healthy, some people find that salt or starch can be a trigger.
I have had the sensation of my heart feeling like it skipped a beat with the reflux I have had lately. Not sure if it actually did or it was anxiety driven. Was laying in bed and felt very uncomfortable and had feeling of spasms in my esophagus , then it felt like my heart had skipped. Of course then your adrenaline spikes and the acid floods in. Not fun.

This happened once or twice I think early on with the reflux, haven't had it for some time now that I am getting it under control with meds , etc.. The explanation of the Vegas nerve being irritated seems to make sense and it is often discussed as an issue with reflux.

Certainly keeping anxiety under control is important with this problem. I don't take any pills for anxiety but I am quick to adjust my thinking, go for a walk or do something to get my mind off it when it starts to creep in. It can really set off the acid and then you find it getting worse as one feeds off another.
Thanks for the replies, it does make things a bit easier (though the sensation is still terrifying). I'm sure anxiety is making things worse, I can't help but dwell on things. Such a shame, before I had reflux problems I never had problems with anxiety, very little actually bothered me at all.

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