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Ok, So I've been suffering with Gerd since July 2011. I didn't know what it was until a new family physician diagnosed me with it in December of 2011. My symptoms are: Severe burning of the throat after I eat (as if I can spit fire), on/off chest pain, hurts when talking & now acid is reaching my tongue. Every morning I scrap acid off my tongue. I honestly believe this came from taking a powerful medication, Clindamycin, prescribed by an ENT for a tonsilitis infection. I had a breakout with this medication and I have been dealing with these symptoms every since. I have taken Prednisone, Ibuprofen, Prilosec, Pepcid, Maalox, Dexilant, Reglan, Nexium, Gaviscon, Omperazole, Carafate and other host of antibiotics & antacid.... and so far, none of these meds have helped. They made my symptoms worse and I was always drained. I had an endoscopy procedure done in Jan 2011 and everything came back normal. Though he found citing of Gerd on my vocal cords and inflammation in my esophagus/esophagitis. After my procedure I informed the Specialist of my symptoms and he insisted that I continue with the medication I was currently taking at the time, Dexilant. Even during a followup, I told the specialist the symptoms still hadn't let up. He goes, continue taking the medication, if it doesn't help, we'll do the Ph monitoring. All I gotta say is, these doctors are a trip. They don't know what the world they are talking about when it comes to this disease. It's like they are clueless! I am/was really beginning to feel like a guinea pig. I tell them my symptoms, they write a presciption. Yes, Im concerned about my health, but I don't have money to keep waisting like this. Plus, with todays med, you have more side effects than them acutally curing the cause. And thats the main concern with Gerd. Yes, I am still suffering. But I have gotten so fed up that Ive decided to start seeing a holistic doctor. I will keep you guys posted on my journey. But if you had a good outcome with holistic treatment for this disease, please post your story here. Also, let me know if surgery was a big improvement as well, though I read many terrible horry stories that they don't help. Also, a chiropractor also brought to my attention that he could heal my symptoms as this really true?

Thank you all so much!!!!!

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